Weekly Check-In

Good Evening, World!!! This week has been quite a week. I started off this week not feeling well as I was getting over food poisoning I gave myself when making homemade chicken macaroni and cheese. I was unable to go to my volunteer shift last Sunday because of it. Thankfully, I was feeling well enough to go back to work on Monday as I had to miss the Friday before because of the food poisoning.

Work is going well!!! In fact, I really enjoy most aspects of my job. The program manager and my supervisor are super understanding as well as super laid back which is cool. I love the fact that I spend half the day outreaching clients and the other half of the day in the office. Granted when I’m in the office I am in meetings or doing paperwork. Paperwork is one of my least favorite parts of my job but apparently, from past supervisors, I am “really good at doing notes” regarding clients. I’m not sure about being “really good” at the paperwork part of my job but I do it as soon as I am able because it’s one of the least favorite parts of my job.

Knowing that I was starting this new job on January 4th of this year I realized that I would and will need to focus on self-care a lot more than I was already doing. That meant making sure I started doing mindfulness meditation again. I am doing mindfulness meditation through the Calm App. I am finding the Calm App for mindfulness meditation as well as its check-ins extremely helpful. I also started this past week to do two mindful meditations a day; one in the morning and one before bed.

Another form of self-care I have been doing is doing artwork. I have been coloring as well as doing paint by numbers. I also have been doing some cross-stitching. Being creative has been quite helpful.

Of course, my cat, Billie has been the most helpful. Billie is being Billie by just loving me unconditionally and being a great lap cat. I love Billie so much.

This past week has overall been great. Peace Out, World!!!

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