Developing Your Eye; Day 7: “Big”

Even though this picture doesn’t do Billie justice on how big he is; he is 16 1/2 pound. Mostly muscle with some fat. This picture just show is crinkly which is one of the many reasons I lo

Hello, World, I would like you to meet my “big” cat or as I call him McLargeKittyCat. In fact it’s one of his many nicknames Billie’s actual name is Billie Dean but I call him Billie for short. On that note his McLargeKittyCat nickname started out recently because when I adopted him nearly two and half years ago, he was 14 pounds which still made him a big boy. His most recent vet visit Billie was just shy of 16 1/2 pounds which is why I gave him his new nick name. He has other nicknames that I might share in another post.


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