Everyday Inspiration; Day 3; One-Word Inspiration


I chose the word choice because we all have choices to make. Some are good and some are not so good. For example I had and interview for a job and told them yes when they offered me the job the next dey. I really ant this job; its the commute I am not not a big fan of. Even I have taken the job and haven’t started yet, I am still applying for other jobs that are closer to home and pay more.

Worse care scenario I make a decision of taking a job closer to home and pays more money. The think about this job that I took was be cause the HR lad who works there work at the job I was laid of from. In fact I admire her.

In all honesty I don’t ant to make the choice of making a job change especially if I haven’t started yet or just start the job. It is a choice I will have to decide on if it comes up.


My Annual 4th of July Walk

A bright pink flower that reminds me of my maternal grandmothers garden.


Every Fourth of July I take a walk that reminds me of childhood Fourth of July’s. I even took some pictures that reminded me of my childhood. The first picture I took reminded of a flower that reminded me my my maternal grandmother and her garden.

I remember playing on this playground toy. Of course most of the kids play on this got some form of injury but it was a fun toy.

Another thing I I would do on the Fourth of July is play on this push merry go around. There aren’t very many around now but there is one close to me in a park in my neighborhood. I had fun on it as kid on it and still have fun on it as an adult.

Christmas in July

Hello, World!!! I know it’s July. In fact it is the fourth of July. It being the fourth of July isn’t stopping me from play Christmas music in July. Normally, I don’t play Christmas music in July but Christmas is my mom’s favorite holiday. In fact some people like my mom do Christmas in July. She even decorates Christmas decorations in July.

I recently found out that my mom has stage three lung cancer. They are even doing an MRI to see if it spread to the brain. My mom and I have may not have the best relationship but at least the last two to three years we been mending things up. I’m glad we are mending things up because realistically we do not when are time to go is going happen. As hopeful as I am that she is going to survive this I also have to be realistic about it and her not making it.

Something my mom does every year is celebrate Christmas in July and even gives my brother and I gifts on the fourth of July as well as July 25th since “the real Christmas” lands on December 25th. My mom even decorates her home with Christmas decorations. Even though I have some hope she will survive, I decided to decorate my place with Christmas decorations just in cast she doesn’t make it. I sent her a gift for the Fourth of July and of course send her one on the 25th of July. She is my mom and I want her to feel loved.

In all honesty I’m scared she may not make it especially if they find out if it spread to the brain. I am trying to hold out hope and hope that doing Christmas in July will give her the hope she needs. She has been in pretty good spirits but it is my hope that with me doing Christmas in July with my mom it will give her more hope for survival. We may have had not the best relationship but am thrilled we have been mending it over the last two or three years. So here is to a good Christmas in July.

Merry Christmas in July Mom. I love you to the moon and back.