Getting A Lil Stressed

      It’s another Tuesday evening and I find myself getting a lil stressed. Well, it’s late evening. Some might even consider it night time because its 11:29pm (pacific time). No, I am NOT getting stressed because of what time of day it is.

     I am  getting stressed because of some major changes in my life. All the changes going on in my life are good thing. Yes, change can be good and yes, good change can be stressful.

     The change I am talking about include changes in both in my volunteer jobs and paid employment. One job is ending because I got another employment opportunity. In fact it’s an employment opportunity in field I desire. Because of the new job opportunity I have to resign from a much loved volunteer job. It is policy at my new job that you are not a volunteer. That is why the volunteer job is ending. It so happens that my last day at the homeless shelter is going to be my first evening being as call taker on the Warm Line. It just kind of worked out that way. The Universe has a way of having things work out in weird and funny ways.

     The Universe worked everything out just right for me. Like I said earlier my last day at the homeless shelter will be my first evening at the Warm Line. In fact that happens next Wednesday (September 3rd). Then the last day I am available to work at my current employment is Saturday, September 6th. I am a little nervous about my last day at my current employment at the grocery store. I start my new job as a Consumer Aide on Monday, September 8th. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t apprehensive about how everything is coming together in my life.

      The way everything is coming together is part of why I am little stressed. Things haven’t always come together as smoothly as this current situation in my life. In fact the last year and a half has been pretty much been coming together. Most of my life things haven’t worked out or come together. Yes, the last year and half has come together but that doesn’t I haven’t had my hiccups. I am just a lil fearful of another major hiccup but I need to focus on the good things. Yes, I need to focus on the good things even if they are lil stressful.

     I need to get going and do some stress relief stuff. Plus I am a little tired as well. It is now 11:42pm (pacific time) so I am just going to call it a night after I do some stress relief. Good night and don’t let the bed bugs bite. Peace out!!!


Woo Hoo!!!

     Woo Hoo!!! I got the job as a Consumer Aide at the agency the runs the homeless shelter I volunteer at. The sad news is that I will have to quit volunteering at the homeless shelter due to not being able to be a volunteer and employee at the same time. As much as it saddens me that I have to quit the my volunteer job at the homeless shelter, I am absolutely thrilled that I got the job. It is not exactly a peer counseling job but at least it is a step in the right direction. I’m a little apprehensive about quitting one job and starting a new one.

      The cool thing about everything is that my last day volunteering at the homeless shelter will be my first evening volunteering as a call taker at the Warm Line. In fact the volunteer stuff all happens the first week of September. Everything that is happening is falling right into place. I start one volunteer job as another one ends. Of course one volunteer job is ending because of a new job beginning. All this also means that I will be saying goodbye to some really cool people at my current employment at the grocery store I work at. My co-workers and customers have become family to me. I am going to miss them dearly even the one or two co-workers and hand full of customers who don’t like me. Hell, no family is going to like each other 100% of the time.

     Well, I am putting my two weeks notice in tomorrow at my current employment when I go into work. As I stated above I’m going to be sad to leave and say goodbye to people I’ve become close with. As of right now according to my new boss I will starting on September 8th. They wanted me to start this Monday (8/25/2014) however I have to put in two weeks notice at my current employment and I am glad that they respect that.

      I found out I got the job at about 9 this morning (pacific time). Its now 2:52pm(pacific time) The reason why I waited a few hours to blog about the new job is because I wanted to let the people in my inner circle know first. I haven’t even posted on Facebook yet. In fact I am not going to post it on Facebook until I put in my two weeks notice at my current employment. I also wrote (typed) my two weeks notice letter to my current employment. I know what you are about to read will seem kind of humorous or leave you scratching your head wondering why I did what I am about to mention but there is method to my madness. I updated my résumé with job descriptions of both my new volunteer job and new paid job. I did this so when I decide to get another job I am better prepared. Just so you all know I plan on being at my new employer for at least a year because it looks better on the résumé and I told them I would be with them for at least a year. I’m hoping that I can eventually become a Peer Support Specialist/Peer Counselor at the agency I got the job at.

     Well, enough about my new job and everything. I need to get  going and get ready for my volunteer training at the Warm Line. I am sorry I haven’t blogged in a few days. I hope to blog again tomorrow but the way I’ve been blogging lately I’m not sure if I will. I hope to. I want to. Anyway, as of right now I hope to blog tomorrow. Peace out.

Monday Cant Get Here Soon Enough

     Its another Sunday evening and I am so looking forward till tomorrow. As most of the world dreads Mondays, I look forward to them. For most of the world it is the start of the work week. For  me Mondays mark my Friday. Hell, for most of the world it’s already Monday. 

     My shift at work today seemed like it was a 12 hour shift instead of a 6 hours shift. The customers just seemed ruder than normal when most of my coworkers seemed to have an attitude problem due to the rudeness of the customers. I just wish people realized how their behavior can effect others. I mean people working at a grocery store are just trying to pay their bills and take care of their families and don’t deserve to be treated like shit. If we treated our customers the way they treat us we wouldn’t have a job anymore or the company would go under. Its not my fault or the fault of the checker’s (cashier) if corporate decides to discontinue an item. In fact its not always corporate that  does it. Sometimes its the manufacture of the product. The employees at a grocery have no control what so ever what item is discontinued. Oh yeah, if you have an expired I.D/Drivers License we can not legally sell you alcohol. Obeying the law doesn’t give anyone the right to hit anyone. Sorry for bitching but seriously please be nice to the employees of the grocery store or supermarket you shop at. You have no idea how an previous customers may have treated us.   

     Tomorrow I also here back from the agency I had an interview with. I am so hoping I get the job because I don’t know how much I can take from customers or corporate. Working 9 years a grocery store can make anyone stress out. I just need a career change and I hope I get the job as a Consumer Aide.  

     On a good note when I got to my boyfriends house after work he had dinner for me. He had barbequed chicken and corn and made freshly squeezed lemonade for me. Plus we strawberry shortcake for dessert. Oh how I love my boyfriend. He knows how to lessen my stress even if he doesn’t realize I am stressed when I show up. I should get go.

     Well, I should get going. I will try to blog again tomorrow. I am hoping to blog everyday. I am really wanting to add more followers to my blog but not sure how. Well, have a good rest of your Sunday everyone. For those of you in this world that its already Monday then have a good Monday. Peace Out.

Wiping Myself Off After A Tough Week

     It’s Saturday which means its the last day of the week and its been one of those weeks. My week has been me getting myself back on my feet and wiping myself after what happened on this past Monday (8/11/2014). But hey that is what recovery is all about. Getting back up and wiping yourself off.

     Part of me wiping myself off was and is going about the activities I do everyday. For me that includes volunteering which I absolutely love to do and going to work which is something I rather not do but do anyway. Recovery is all about doing things in both we want to do and don’t want to do. I may not like working at my current job because I know it’s the career I am not suppose to be in however in has helped me a great deal in my recovery process.

     Speaking of jobs, the person doing the hiring for the Consumer Aide position I interviewed for emailed me yesterday asking me a couple more questions. For the most part in kind of sounds hopeful. He did say he would get back to me this Monday (8/18/2014) of what his decision will be. The emails may have sounded hopeful but a comment he made kind of concerns me. He said that he asked me all those questions because the agency (that I had the interview with) wants to make I have the support I need for the job. I just wanted to email him back saying if I didn’t have the support I wouldn’t have applied for the job but I didn’t email him that. Overall the emails sound like I am at least a high contender for the job. I just hope I am not getting my hopes set to high. I know a Consumer Aide isn’t exactly the position I desire however its a step in the right direction to becoming a Peer Support Specialist. Plus it beats working at a grocery store any day. Trust me working at a grocery store with the same company for the last 9 years is not my idea of my desired career path. At least a Consumer Aide is a step in the desired direction I want to go into.

     Well, another part of my recovery process is blogging. I need to try and blog everyday like I did when I started back in late May. I’ve been slacking a little. Some of it is because I have been busy and some of it has to do with my still struggling a little. Anyway, another part of my recovery process is making sure I eat.

      That means I need to get going because I am needing to eat. I am hungry. I hope to blog again tomorrow. I might not be able to tomorrow because of my work shift but I will try. Have a good day everyone. Peace out.!!

Struggling A Little Bit

     It’s another Thursday and I have been struggling a bit for about a week or two now. I didn’t realize how badly I was struggling till this past Monday (8/11/2014) when I dissociated. The unfortunate part of the dissociated state it that I ended up cutting. I am so disappointed that I cut. I hadn’t cut in three years. When I started coming out of the dissociated state and realized what I had done, I freaked out and called 911. Of course the fire department came and checked me out and then I was taken to the emergency room.

      My experience in the emergency room wasn’t the best I have had in the 14 years I have been going to this particular ER for both psych and medical reasons. On the positive side both of the physicians were caring and sincere in wanting to help me. It was both the nurse and the social worker that didn’t make my experience all that great. The nurse was just negative with me the entire night. She told me that I needed to get my act together and that if it wasn’t for the HIPPA law that she would tell my boss’s about what happened. (Side note: The nurse shops at the grocery store I work at on the regular basis). When the social worker finally talked to me her demeanor was as if she didn’t want to be at work or got the short straw to talk to me. I told the social worker what the nurse said and the social worker told me that the nurse would never say that and I that I was being “hostile.” The question I have is how can I be hostile if I am sitting on the floor in a corner of the room with a blanket around me and sucking my thumb holding a stuffed animal. If that’s “hostile” then I would hate to think what her (the social workers) point of view is on violent behavior. The social worker then had the guts to tell me that she didn’t believe me that I dissociated. As she told me this one of the doctors came in to check on me and well he didn’t seem too happy with the social worker at the moment. The doctor asked how I was doing and I said I was doing better (which I was) and then said that he believed me. This doctor has treated me before and knows that I dissociate. Well, to make a long story short the doctor talked to the social work who in return said, I’m only apologizing because I was asked to. I really don’t like it when people are forced to apologize to me or others when they don’t mean it but am grateful that doctor cared enough to talk to her. His heart was in the right place. Thankfully, I wasn’t hospitalized. I was sent home.

    For me being sent home was a good thing. It means that I am far enough in my recovery process that I can continue to do what I need to do in my everyday life. For me going on with my life is what I need to do. That means continue going to my volunteer training at the Warm Line as well as going  to my volunteer job at the homeless shelter. That also mean I will go to work tomorrow as well as on Saturday and any shifts I have next week. For me if I wasn’t in recovery I wouldn’t have bothered going to the Warm Line training this past Tuesday as well as my listening shift last night nor would have I gone to my volunteer job at the homeless shelter. I consider this episode as a relapse. I am picking up where I left off before I dissociated and harmed myself. Another thing I am waiting on is my therapist to call me back. She was sick on Tuesday and doesn’t work on Wednesdays and hoping she is back in the office today. If she is still out today I will just see her at my regularly scheduled appointment. As much as I am beating myself up over what happened I have to get up and dust myself up and make the choice to continue my recovery process.

     I debated whether or not to share this with you because I didn’t want to trigger anyone nor did I want to worry anyone. I decided to blog about after I discussed it with my natural support system and they said it would be a good idea because it will show that I am human (which I am) and that I can pick up with my life even though its a little difficult at the moment. Yes, I know I blogged on Tuesday but I didn’t have my mind wrapped around what happen the night before and needed some space before I blogged about it. Now there is enough space and decided blog about what happened with the encouragement from the people who care about me. I am hoping that me blogging about this shows that people with mental illness can work through there issues as they continue with their everyday life. For me to continue with my everyday life is key to my recovery. It is my hope that this blog entry can show others struggling with mental illness that recovery is possible even if you relapse and that hope is out even if you relapse. I am worried about what my therapist is going to say on Monday but I will deal with that when it comes. As much as I don’t like my job I am looking forward to work tomorrow. I am grateful that I am able to work. Continuing to go on with my everyday life is something I’ve learned to do to not go farther backwards.

     Speaking of continuing with everyday life I need to get going. I need to eat and get my work clothes ready for tomorrow before I go to my volunteer training at the Warm Line. Have a good rest of your Thursday. I hope I didn’t trigger or worry anyone. Peace out!!

Just Another Tuesday

     Well another Tuesday is about over with and I am exhausted. I am not sure why I am so exhausted because I honestly didn’t do all the much today. I pretty much hung out with my boyfriend all day. We spent our time just being lazy. We worked on a jigsaw puzzle most of the day. We worked on the jigsaw puzzle till I had to go to my volunteer training for the Warm Line.

     I am enjoying the training immensely. I have another listening in shift tomorrow and am looking forward to it. I can not wait till I am actually taking calls on the Warm Line because I want show people hope and that recovery is possible. Volunteering gives me a sense of purpose in this world.

     Speaking volunteering I am looking forward to my volunteer shift  at the homeless shelter tomorrow. I cant wait to see the clients tomorrow. They give me so much joy and they have no idea that they do.

      Volunteering anywhere gives me a sense of purpose and I think it helps me more than it does the people I help. Giving of your time means so much more than giving of money. Yes, money helps but giving of your time means much more to the person or persons that you are helping.

      My boyfriend spending time with me means more to me than how much money he spends on me. I rather him save his money. I love simple lazy days with him like today. I love that we can work on a jigsaw puzzle and be content with it. We don’t have to go out to some fancy restaurant to enjoy each others company. I love my boyfriend with all my heart.

      Speaking of my boyfriend I should get going because I want some cuddling time with him. Cuddling is always an enjoyable event. Well, enjoy the last 1 hour and 7minutes that is left in Tuesday everyone. Goodnight and don’t let the bed bugs bite. Peace out.

Monday Of Mourning R.I.P Robin Williams

     It’s another Monday and in all honesty is a Monday of Mourning. As many of you have heard or read; Robin Williams passed away at the age of 63 from a suspected suicide. The news has said that he suffered from Depression but in all actuality he suffered from Bipolar Disorder, ADHD and couple of other things I cannot remember. I waited a few hours after I heard the news about Robin Williams to blog about it because I wasn’t sure what to say. I realize there is really nothing much to say than what others have said however I will share my memories regarding Robin Williams.

     My first memory of Robin Williams is watching reruns of Mork & Mindy on Nick & Nite in the middle of the night as a child. Mork & Mindy helped me through some rough moments when things got really bad with the abuse I suffered as child. Sometimes I wished I was an alien from another planet with a life for that cared. His humor helped me through out my life.

     Robin Williams got me through my childhood with Mork & Mindy while in my late tweens and early teen he got me through with Hook, Aladdin, Fern Gully, and Mrs. Doubtfire. In my mid to late teens the movies The Birdcage, Good Will Hunting, Patch Adams and the discovery of Dead Poets Society helped me through being a teenager. Plus, the numerous other movies he has made through my twenties and into my thirties has touched my life. All the movies I’ve mentioned plus many more I have watched time and again because I know that they help out with some part of my life or just a simple movie night with friends. 

    We all have moments we will remember where we were when we heard the news of something major. For me, Robin William’s death is one of those moments. I had come home and turned on my computer and looked on my Facebook when I heard the news at 4:15pm (pacific time). I found out on Facebook. Robin Williams has had a profound impact on my life. I have met him on several occasions as well as received hand written letters from him. In those letters he encouraged me with my recovery process with my mental health issues. I just wish he was still here so he could encourage others in their recovery process. Robin Williams was a very important person in my life regarding my recovery. Hell, he still is.

    Robin Williams I know you are know longer with us but I know you are somewhere out there reading this. Just know you have had a profound influence on my life. Thank you so much for being a positive influence in my life. Thanks for making me and billions of others laugh till we peed our pant. We will miss you very much. You are so very much loved.

    I am ending this blog in tears. I hope to blog tomorrow about how the rest of today went. I normally don’t cry but I feel like its a good time to cry when a person who influenced your life passes away. Again I hope to blog again tomorrow. I hope the rest of you Monday turns out happier. R.I.P ROBIN WILLIAMS

Not Much To Say Today

     It’s a beautiful Sunday morning and I am not wanting to go to work today because of how beautiful it is today. Yes, I am going to go work today even if I don’t wana. As much I don’t want to go to work today because its such a lovely day and that I don’t like my job I am going because it helps me a great deal. My current employment has helped me a great deal in my recovery process. My recovery means a great deal to me.

     All I know is that I am eating a fudgsicle and its absolutely tasty. I always make sure I have some chocolate at home because it helps me when I am struggling. Hell, it helps me even when I am not struggling. I feel bad for people who are allergic to chocolate. When people say diamonds are a girls best friend is a liar because for this woman chocolate is my best friend.

     I don’t have much to say today. I hope to blog again tomorrow. I just hope I start getting more followers for my blog. I am kind of disappointed that I only have 14 followers. I shouldn’t be complaining because I’ve only been doing this blogging thing for about 2 1/2 months now.

     I best be going now. I have to get ready to go to work. I hope to blog again tomorrow. Have a good Sunday everyone. Peace out.

Can It Be Monday Yet?

     Its another Saturday and I just want Monday to be here. Mondays are my Fridays and I wish Monday would hurry up and get here. Today at work was not an easy day for me for a lot of different reasons. My PTSD symptoms are acting up which doesn’t make work any easier for me especially when some customers have no sense of peoples personal bubbles. Today my bubble was bigger than normal for me. Oh how I hate PTSD. Another thing about today is when I was helping a pregnant woman out to her car she went into labor. Thankfully, another customer when into the store and had someone call 911. Long story short I helped deliver twins today. Who knew that being a courtesy clerk (bagger) at a grocery store that I would be helping with a delivery process again. I really don’t think delivering twins is in my job description. Helping deliver twins today was quite difficult for me. I wish I had the strength to tell you why it was difficult but it was. I do have to say it was amazing though. Birth is an amazing process. I hope some day I will be a mother. Anyway, just helping with the process of somebody delivering their babies in the parking lot was not only amazing but difficult on me and I know when I go see my therapist after work on Monday that we will be discussing helping with the delivery of the customers babies. The customer had a boy and a girl.

      I should get going. I will try to blog again tomorrow before I go to work. Hopefully, I don’t have to deliver anymore babies at work tomorrow. Have a goodnight everyone. Peace Out!!!

It’s Been A Couple Of Days

     Happy Friday!!! If you are a follower to my blog or a regular reader you are aware that I haven’t blogged in a couple of days. I haven’t blogged for a few reasons. One reason is I wasn’t sure what to blog about another reason I didn’t blog is because I’ve been so busy with life that I exhausted myself and have been too tired to blog.

     Wednesday was the day I had my interview. Thankfully, they didn’t have to reschedule with me again even though it almost got rescheduled again. When I showed up and a couple of the program managers at the agency realized that it was going to be the third time they just interviewed me with anyway even though it wasn’t the right set of interview questions. They felt that if I had rescheduled twice before that the interview should happen anyway. One the interviewers said that if I don’t get the job with program I applied for that they will find the funding for me to have job with there program as a peer and not a consumer aide. So it looks like either way that I might have job. I am hoping that I get the job as a consumer aide.

      I had a listening in shift with the Warm Line on Wednesday and well it was an “unusual day” for calls at the Warm Line. First of all they only received three phone calls that were not hang up calls. Second of all; all three phone calls ended up suicide calls that needed to be transferred to the crisis line. I only listened in on two of those calls. They want me to do another listening in shift so I know what a “typical” shift looks like. A shift usually isn’t so slow nor does it get “crisis” calls. I’m just waiting on when my next listening in shift will be. I guess I will be getting three listening shifts instead of two and that is cool with me. I am looking forward to September when I start being a call taker on the Warm Line.

     Speaking of volunteering, I am looking forward to Wednesday when I volunteer at the homeless shelter. I love my volunteer job at the shelter. The clients at the shelter are known for being difficult to serve because of the severity of their mental illnesses and/or addictions and I love the challenge. If I get the job as a consumer aide I will be a little sad because I cant volunteer and be an employee at the same time with the agency that runs both the shelter and the program I applied and had the interview for. Yes, I want the job however I will miss the clients at the shelter. Again if everything works out the way I hope it does I will be starting the job as a consumer aide the same time I officially will be a call taker on the Warm Line. I know I shouldn’t be getting my hopes up so high but I really want the job even though I will miss volunteer at the shelter.

     As some of you know Fridays are my Mondays and that means I worked today. Today was just a shitty day at work. A day that made me realize I want the hell out of my current employment. Working at grocery store with the same employer for the last 9 years has made me realize that I am meant to be in the mental health field. I don’t like having people yell at me for something I have no control over. Working in a grocery store is NOT my cup of tea.

    Speaking of tea that reminds me that I need to take time out to take care of myself. I am going to go and have a cup of hot tea. Yes, I am having tea on an 80 degree day. Why not? It is a way to take care of myself. I better get going. In all honesty, I hope to blog again tomorrow. Have good weekend everyone. Peace out!!!