Not Sure What I’m Getting Myself Into; Except to Improve Myself; Maybe Just a Little too Fast

Good Morning, World!!! I think I over did it with things to do for self care and self improvement. Especially, since I start my new job next Monday. The reason I said I over did it was because I want to learn crafting by cross stich and latch hook.

I also bought my art supplies. I bought some painting supplies like paint brushes, paint and canvas. Not sure what I’m going to paint but a neighbor will teach me. As far as art supplies regarding coloring stuff, I bought my markers, colored pencils and some pictures to color.

In fact I am coloring a poster for my mom’s birthday in September. I jus hope she likes it especially since I’m going to frame it. I know she will like it.

I also ordered some math books so I can freshen up on my math skills. I’m sure this is going to frustrate the fuck out of me but I am okay with that.

Another thing I’m going to do is do one on the many recovery workbooks I have. I don’t know where I’m going to have time to do all this with the new job buut I know I can do it.