The Boys Of Summer

Baseball season is coming to an end. Well, let me clarify the regular season of baseball is coming to an end. To me baseball season coming to an end means the end of summer. Yes, I do realize that Summer has “officially” been over with for a few days now but it still makes me sad. It makes me sad because I love summer and I love baseball.

With the regular season of baseball season coming to an end that means that the playoffs are just around the corner. I already know that my favorite team the Angels are going to the playoffs because they have clinched a play off spot. In fact the Angels have the best record in all of baseball. I am proud of my Angels because they worked there asses off to have the best record in all baseball.

Even though I am proud of the Angels for having the best record in all of baseball, I am disappointed that they lost to the Mariners both tonight and last night. I know I shouldn’t be disappointed in the Angels because they due have the best record of all baseball but I am. My boyfriend is thrilled that the Angels lost to the Mariners because he is a Mariner fan.

The reason why my boyfriend is happy that the Mariners won tonight is because it mean that they (the Mariners) still have a chance of going to the playoffs. To be honest with you I have mixed feelings about the Mariners going to the playoffs. I have mixed feelings because that means that my team will have to loose tomorrow for Mariners to have chance to go to the playoff. As much as I want the Angels to go to the World Series and win it; I think it would be nice for the Mariners to go to the World Series because they are one of two teams that have never been. (Side Note: The other team that has never been to the World Series is the Washington Nationals. Even when the Nationals were the Montreal Expos they never went to the World Series.)

As much as I would love the Angels and the Dodgers to meet up in the World Series, I do have to say it would be kind of cool if the two teams (Seattle Mariners and Washington Nationals) who have never been to the World Series to meet up in the World series. The Angels already have a World Series ring and it would be cool if they could get another one but it would be nice to have a team get one that has never been to the World Series. I do have to say it doesn’t matter how good your record is when you make the playoffs because you never know how far you will make in the playoffs.

I think I have talked enough about baseball for one day. In fact I can talk about baseball all day and just need to shut-up about it at the moment. I need to get going because it’s getting late and I am getting tired. I am going to call it a night. Have goodnight and don’t let the bed bugs bite. Peace out!!!


Figuring Out How To Succeed At Blogging

Happy Friday!!!! Apparently, I’m not reaching as many people as I hoped I would be. I only have 15 followers and don’t get many views. I am just getting frustrated with myself because I am not blogging as regularly as I was wanting to as well as not doing much educating when it comes to mental illness. I was hoping that I would educate people on particular mental health diagnoses but it appears that something is getting in my way in doing that. That something is me. I’m the one that is hindering the progression of this blog. On the positive side, I know that through my blog that I am showing others that recovery is possible (or at least I think I am).

My thinking was (and still is) when I started this blog was to show others that recovery is possible and that their is hope. I know that my blog is succeeding to a point when it comes to showing others that recovery is possible but it’s not succeeding in other ways. Its not succeeding in the number of followers or views I have or get and I think the reason being is the reason I stated earlier in this blog and that is the education part of it. I am hoping that once things start settling down with the new job as well as the new volunteer job that I will be able to start the education part of this blog. It is my hope that I will educate on the diagnosis’s that I have as well the ones I no longer meet the criteria for. I then hope to do some education on the diagnoses that family members and close friends struggle with and then go on from there.

Now that you heard enough about how my blog is not succeeding let get on to other subjects. I will start with my boyfriend. When he got off from work this morning I had made him breakfast. I made him pancakes, bacon and scrambled eggs. According to my boyfriend I burned the bacon. He pretty much likes eating bacon raw or at least almost raw. He likes all the fat on it. I do have to say that the fat on the bacon is what makes bacon taste good. After eating breakfast and doing dishes we had some intimate moments. Intimacy is something I personally struggle with because of some severe trauma I experienced as a child and even some trauma I experienced as an adult. With that being said my boyfriend makes me feel safe especially during intimate moments. He is gentle with me and extremely loving.

Speaking of loving, I am loving my new job. Yes, I know a loving partner is completely different than loving your job. I not only love my job, I enjoy it as well. My job gives me great joy even though its not the position I desire. In regards to it not being the position I desire its a foot in the door as well as moving up opportunities.

Since we are on the topic of opportunities, my volunteer job at the Warm Line gives me training opportunities as well as possible career advancement at my current employer and possibly at the Crisis Line where the Warm Line is run out of. Yes, I know what I just said sounds a little selfish but if what I do employment wise as well as volunteering gives me a purpose in life then so be it. I’m improving with being a call taker on the Warm Line and am no longer a deer in head lights. I am finally getting in the grove of things as a call taker.

I so want to share more with you right now but I realize I am hungry and need to figure out what I want to cook for dinner. I’m hoping that my boyfriend will give me some idea’s. Actually, I am hoping that he will do the cooking tonight.  Well, have a good Friday evening everyone. I hope everyone enjoys there weekend and has some fun. Peace out.

Difficult Day At Work

Well, its Tuesday evening and I’m in my third week of my new job. Today has been the most difficult day yet. The reason being is because we as in my co-workers, boss and I had to call the County Designated Mental Health Professionals (CDMHPs) on three of the residents that live in the housing project we work in. One did not get detained (or hospitalized) while the other two did get detained (hospitalized). Being detained means they were involuntarily hospitalized because of the severity of their mental health symptoms. In 72 hours (not counting weekends or holidays) the clients will go to mental health court see if they will be held for another 14 days or released. Unfortunately, there is a possibility of me having to go to mental health court on Friday. I don’t work Fridays but I was told if I have to go to court I get paid for it. I guess is the down side of working in the mental health field.

I really do like my current job. It so beats working at a grocery store for ten cents above state minimum wage and that was after being there 9 1/2 years. In my current employment I earn two dollars above the state minimum wage. I am glad I made the job change.

I should get going because my boyfriend says dinner is ready. I’m hungry so I’m going to go eat the meal my boyfriend made me. Have good Tuesday evening everyone. Peace Out!!!!

There Are No Cats In America

It’s Friday night and I am watching one of my favorite childhood movies, An American Tale. Watching this movie brings back a lot of happy memories for me. For people who dealt with horrific childhood trauma having a happy memory is a good thing. That’s why I titled this blog There Are No Cats In America. See one of the songs in An American Tail is titled There Are Cats In America and it so happens it’s my favorite song in the movie. I do have to say another song that I like from this movie is Somewhere Out There. In fact that song brings tears to my eyes. I really enjoy watching movies.

I’m looking at the time and in 1 minute it will officially be Saturday. Besides watching movies this weekend, I will be reading. I will be reading A Tale of Two Cities as well as a bunch of Wonder Woman comic books. I plan on having a nice relaxing weekend. I love reading and watching movies.

Well, Its officially, Saturday, and unfortunately I wont be spending most of today with my boyfriend. The reason being is that he is a Firefighter and his shifts are 24 hours. His shift starts at 7:30 am (pacific time) and ends at 7:30 am (pacific time) the next morning.  He leaves at 7am this morning (Saturday) that means he wont be back till 8 am (pacific time) Sunday morning. With him not being home that means I will be able to do a lot of reading like I mentioned earlier.

I am happy with my life. I am happy that I am with a partner that treats me right. I’m happy that he is established in his career as firefighter. I’m even more happier that I am in career that gives me meaning in my life. I really enjoy working as Consumer Aide in a mental health agency. Granted its not the exact position I would like but its a foot in the door. I love the fact that I am in the mental health field and that I can show others on what recovery from mental illness looks like. I’m happy that my boyfriend and I are in careers that we love and were meant to be in. I am beyond happy that my life is finally coming together even through the struggles of everyday life as well as the struggles with symptoms that like to pop up from time to time.

I should get going and finish watching An American Tail. Well have a good Friday night /Saturday Morning everyone. Don’t let the bed bugs bite. Good night and Peace Out!!!!!!!

Ramblings About New Job & Other Stuff

It’s Tuesday and that means I worked today. Today, I did my shelter orientation. My boss tried to get me out of most of it due to me being a volunteer at the shelter however he couldn’t because its a requirement. He knew I had to be there for some of it but tried to out of the stuff I already knew. I am glad I did the entire orientation today. I saw a great deal of the clients that I miss dearly. When we had to do the coffee counter I dove right in because that’s what I mainly did when I was a volunteer. I also dove right in when I did the lobby office however I got to do employee stuff as well. Unfortunately, a fight broke out between two female clients and I was one of two orienteer’s that were allowed to step in. The only reason why I was allowed to step in was because I was familiar with both clients due to my volunteer work at the shelter. The other orienteer who was allowed to step in was allowed to due to her job title. She is basically on the crisis team. Thankfully, no one got hurt but the aggressor got barred till next Tuesday when the next Bar Review Committee (BRC) happens. Everyone involved had to write a log about it. It was my first time having to write a log and it was a log I really didn’t want to write.   I am really enjoying my job. I am feeling more confident with my new job.

I wish I was as confident with my new volunteer job at the Warm Line as I do with my new job. I’m like a deer in headlights. I don’t know if I have what it takes to be a call taker on the Warm Line. Yes, I know I’ve only had two shifts on the Warm Line but I’m not very good at it. My first night I only took one call and I panicked. My second shift I took three calls. One I didn’t do very well on and the other two I did okay on but need improvement. I’m hoping I do a better job tomorrow evening. The mentor on duty tomorrow is extremely humorous and tells me like it is. I’m happy with that. I really want to do a great job tomorrow. In fact I want to be able to impress mentor however I’m not there to impress him, I’m there to help the callers. My boyfriend told me to not worry about it and that I will get in the grove of things.

Speaking of my boyfriend, when I got home (to his place) he had dinner made for me. He made me enchiladas. I love enchiladas. Its one of my favorite meals. In fact my boyfriend made the tortilla’s for scratch. My boyfriend is an awesome cook. I enjoy cooking however he enjoys it more than I do so I let him cook. His cooking is almost as good as my grandma’s cooking.

I’m getting a little tired and have to get up early to go to appointments and wont be home till late due to my volunteer job at the Warm Line. I’m going to call it a night. Have a goodnight everyone and don’t let the bed bugs bite. Peace Out!!!

Just A Blog About The New Job

It’s an absolutely beautiful Sunday evening in my neck of the woods. So beautiful that my boyfriend and I are going to have dinner outside. We are going to have a grilled chicken salad. Of course the chicken is going to be grilled and the barbeque. I hope we have leftovers so I can take some to work tomorrow.

Speaking of work, I have to remember to take a few things with me tomorrow. A major part of my job is sitting in a little pod like office to let people in the building and that gets boring. I have to remember to take some things to read. I think I’m going to take the book “A Tale of Two Cities” because I haven’t finished reading it yet. The reason why I haven’t finished reading it is that I’ve been busy with life and trying to get a new job. Well, I have that new job and that new job will allow me to read on the job when I am on door duty. I am also going to take a Wonder Woman graphic novel with me. Its one that I have read already but I love Wonder Woman and enjoy rereading any Wonder Woman comic or graphic novel. I am debating weather or not to take some cross-stitching with me to work. I am almost finished with my current cross-stitching project. I really do think I will enjoy my new job wants I get adjusted to what I need to be doing. Plus, I have two more orientations I need to do and fortunately they are both this week. I also have to go to two trainings but the trainings I have to do are not being offered this month so I have to do them next month or whenever they offer them. The trainings I have to do are in Crisis Intervention and CPR. I have to do both every year even if my CPR card is not expired. I know that my new job isn’t the position I want but at least it’s in the field I desire and a foot in the door. Due to agency and union policy I have to be in my current position before be consider an “in-house” applicant. That’s fine with me because I want to be in my position for at least 6 months if not longer because it looks good on the resume’.

Well, I need to get going because my boyfriend said dinner is done and well I am extremely hungry. I hope to blog again sometime in the next few days. Have a wonderful Sunday evening. Peace out!!!!

It’s Been About A Week

Good Morning!!!! It’s a beautiful day Saturday morning in the region of the United States I live in. Yes, it is still morning where I live. It happens to be 11:49am (pacific time) at the moment or least this is time my cell phone and computer say the time is where I am.

Its been about a week since I last blogged. I am extremely sorry that it has been so long that I have blogged. I’ve been busy with various things that I would love to share with you today.

Lets start with my dad. About two weeks ago my family and I were faced with a difficult decision of the possibility of take my dad off of life support or putting him on a tracheostomy. We had a week to decide and we decided to have he tracheostomy done because he was starting to improve extremely well. In fact I am extremely happy that my family and I made that decision because my dad is now in a care facility that specializes in weaning people off a ventilator. He is now off he ventilator during the day. He is on it at night just in case something happens. He is briefly standing up and sitting. Of course this is with the help of physical therapist. The biggest thing everyone is worried about is his swallowing or the lack there of. I am so happy that my dad is doing so well especially since we (as in my family and I) thought he wasn’t going to make it. I love my dad and I know that he is proud of me.

I know he is proud of me because he told me before all is this happened with his health. He is proud of me because of my new job. My new job is going well. It been nothing but orientations last week and they will continue next week. I really think I am going to enjoy my new job. It’s in the field of my desire even if it’s not the particular job I want. I want to tell you more about it but have to go.

I have to go because I have to finish my laundry and do other chores. I have to go to the stupid post office to mail stuff to social security. Oh how I love sending stuff to social security. NOT!! I have to send stuff to social security because I not only work but have disability benefits due to the mental illness I have. I hope that some day I wont need disability benefits.

Well, it is now officially afternoon. It is 12:09 pm (pacific time). Everyone have a wonderful Saturday afternoon. I hope I have time at some point today to blog more about my job. If not today, tomorrow. Peace Out!!!

Apprehension About New Job

     It’s another amazingly beautiful Sunday evening!!! I know it’s a beautiful day out however I am extremely apprehensive about tomorrow. I start my new job tomorrow and that is why I am so apprehensive about it. I don’t know why I am so apprehensive about starting my new job. It’s in the field I want to be in.

     My boyfriend is trying extremely hard to make sure my apprehension about the new job decreases. He fixed me my favorite meal. My favorite meal is Mac & Cheese (preferably homemade), Ham, and Corn on the Cob. We had Pepsi to drink and for dessert we had my favorite of Strawberry Shortcake. I love my boyfriend and how he tries to calm my nerves. I love the fact that he knows my favorite meal and that he made homemade Mac & Cheese. How many men out there make homemade anything for their girlfriends?

     I think I will keep this particular blog entry short. I need to make sure I have everything ready for my first day on the job tomorrow. I need to make sure I have what I need to give to my new employer. I hope to blog about my first day on the new job tomorrow evening. I really hope I am able to blog about it but not sure how tired I will be. I hope I didn’t bore you all today with this blog entry. I just hope I don’t forget anything I need for my new job. Well, I am going to call it an evening and a night. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday evening everyone. Peace out!!! 

Last Day Of Work At The Grocery Store

     Well, it is Saturday, September 6, 2014, 11:19pm (pacific time) and today was my last day being employed at the grocery store I was employed at for 9 1/2 years. I no longer work there because of getting a new job as a Consumer Aide at a local mental health agency that I start on Monday, September 8, 2014. I am not sure how to feel about today being my last day at the grocery store.

     The reason why I am unsure of how I am feeling is because I have a number of different emotions on board at the moment. I am a little sad that today was my last day. A little sad because I was employed at the grocery store for 9 1/2 years and my co-workers and customers have become family to me. I’m going to miss seeing them pretty much everyday. Yes, I will still hang out with my co-workers and about a hand full or so customers because they have become family. I’m also happy that today is was my last day because I know being in the grocery store business isn’t the field I was suppose to be in. Plus corporate was and is just expecting too much from there employees and some of what they expect isn’t always in the job description of the particular job class. I am also a little sad because I started working at the grocery store at the beginning of my recovery process with my mental illness.

     Of course starting my new job on Monday just means I am at a different stage in my recovery. I am at a more stable point of my recovery process. My mental illness is finally at a place where I can let people in and start trusting my natural support system. I’m not saying that I didn’t trust them, I’m saying that I had difficulty asking them for help and letting them in. I am in a good place at the moment even though I had to make a difficult decision in regards to my dads current health crisis. (Side Note: I am happy that I made the decision to have my dad get a tracheotomy.)

      Being in a good place means knowing when I am getting tired. I am really tired and need some sleep. Needing some sleep means I need to end the blog for now. It is 11:35pm (pacific time). Have goodnight and don’t let the bed bugs bite. Peace out!!!

It’s Been A Long Week

     Well, it’s a rainy Tuesday evening and the rain seems to fit how I am feeling at the moment. I haven’t blogged in a while because my dad is on the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) on life support. My family and I have been informed that we might have to stop life support or put him on a tracheostomy which is another form of life support. Unfortunately, my dad does not have a power of attorney nor is he married. That means by proxy I am the legal next of kin. It’s been quite difficult on me but more difficult on my grandparents. I just don’t want my dad to be suffering. I really want a miracle so my family and I don’t have to make such a difficult decision. The doctors say we have about a week to make the decision.

     I know my dad would want me to go about my normal day tomorrow. I see my therapist then I go to my last shift at the homeless shelter. After my last shift at the homeless shelter I go to my first shift at the warm line. I know without a doubt that my dad would be approving of my decision of going about my day. I also know that my grandparents are in town and if any turns for the worst they will notify me. My grandparents are supportive in my decision. I just wish it wasn’t such a difficult one considering the condition my father.

     I love my daddy so much. I just wish a miracle would happen. I would like you my readers and followers to pray for him or send out positive energies or vibes. I am not sure when I will be able to blog next considering my dad’s heath condition. Peace out and have a good evening.