Hopes in Getting Back Into Building Structure in My Life

Good Afternoon World, from the wonderful city of Seattle. Before I go on to discuss what I would like to, I just want to let you know how unusual the weather has been here in Seattle. First and fore most Seattle is known to have lots of rain and wind in the middle of October but not this year. In fact this October has been the driest October in recorded history Seattle has experience. Finally today it’s drizzly and breezy which is a good thing.

On the good thing note, I got a job. A job that is only twelve hours a week and not full time. I may want a full time job but right now a job is job not how many hours it is a week. I’m working at an employer I used to work at and am grateful for that. My supervisor is supper awesome and funny as hell. I also like the fact that he is direct with his communication. In fact I am looking forward to him being my supervisor.

On a different subject and I’ve brought this up two or three times before but I will be doing “workbooks” on various topics with the for “Dummies.” The first two I will be be working on is “U.S History for Dummies” and I am sure they will be missing many important things in history as well a misleading in other parts. The other Dummies book is “Basic Math and Pre-Algerbra for Dummies.” I am doing this to better educate myself and hopefully learn something.

Now on to the blogging part of all this. I’ve notice I haven’t blogged as much and want to blog on the regular basis. Yes, I know I’ve done and said this before but this time I will do want I can and what it take to regularly blog.

Now on to a subject I highly like to do which is household chores. I’m not a big fan of them However it is something that needs to be done on the regular basis and plan to schedule to do it in my planner along with the other things I need and/or want to do.

Let’s get on to a less boring topic which is more fun topic of my cat Billie. Billie is just as cute as he can be. I love my cat Billie so much and I am so blessed that he chose me to be his human. I am grateful that he is in my life.

I do not have much more to say in this particular blog post. I do want to thank you for reading my blog. It means a great deal to me from my end of things that you do read my blog. If it wasn’t for you reading my blog, I would not be writing my blog. So, thank you again from the bottom of my heart for reading my blog. Peace Out, World!!!


Gratefulness During a Time of Hardship

Good Morning from Seattle, Washington. I come to you with a great deal of gratitude. Long story short I lost my disability due to fault of Social Security but I had some responsibility it the situation. I am also applying for unemployment and steal waiting on them. On that note I’ve been known to pay ahead on my rent and am a head on rent. I’m am also ahead on my electric bill will not have to worry about rent or electric bills. What I do need help with food and stuff like normal house n like dish soup, soap, feminine product.

On that note, I have some awesome friends in my life to help me temporally and gave me food to hold m over when my unexpected surprise that my grandpa paid for a lot of groceries form. Oh much I love and am grateful friend and neighbors along with family are being able to give them what they are able to know.

On to the new subject. I received a new job and and at previous employed and it is only twelve yours but at least it a it is job.You are more likely get new jobs and hopefully full time jobs. I am going to love this job.

Today is a day is to continuing go hope people will be helpful with my on PayPal, please help me if you cane.

Update of Life

Good Middle of the Night from Seattle. I just work up with only three hours of sleep and hope I can get back to sleep since I have an online interview at two in the afternoon via Microsoft Teams. I haven’t been getting much sleep due not having any money to pay rent or other bills. Good need news that the rent stuff with the landlord got situated as it wa on their end. Bad news I still have other bills to pay which are pretty high. I’m looking at the bright side that the landlord realized it was their mistake and I would not get a “lack of payment notice.”

On other good news I accepted a job yesterday (Tuesday) evening for a part time job that is twelve hours a week. Not as many hours as I would like but it’s a job. I will still be applying to jobs and attending interviews as well as continue to apply for unemployment who is still dragging their feet. I’m hoping that get unemployment since I will only be working twelve hours a week. If don’t then I don’t but it i s worth a try.

I hate to ask this again especially since most of you have money issues yourselves but am hoping some of you can donate to my paypal account at @GertiesJourney1979; Seattle. Wa. (Not sure if the @ Seattle is suppose to be there or not. In any case I will be happy even if one per donate money to my paypay account.

Before I end this post, my cat, Billie has been a great comfort to me as he always is. I love my cat so much. I am thrilled he chose me to be his human and apart of his family. I truly believe that animals are part of the family.

I don’t have much more to say as I want to try to get back to sleep so I can be well rested for my interview. Have good night slep. Peace out World!!!