Brief Check-In

I am just doing a brief check-in with you my reader. I had somewhat of a difficult week for a multitude of reasons. Those reasons were not a shock to me because I suspected to was going to be a difficult week.

I knew it was going to be a difficult week because of all the events I was involved with. I saw my psychiatric nurse practitioner, worked, attended a baseball game that I was paid for attending because I and a co-worker took clients, attended the ASIST training, saw my therapist and volunteered at the Warm Line last night. That is why I am taking today to myself.

I am doing good self-care. I am making sure I eat and take my meds. I have been coloring most of the day. I have even spent some time with a friend. I could use some cuddle time with Junior but he is working at the moment. Taking care of myself is what is needed for continued recovery.

Thank you for reading. Have wonderful day. Enjoy the rest of you weekend. Peace Out!!!


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