Photography: Developing Your Eye I; Day Ten: Architecture

Good Morning, World!!! Today is the last day of the free photography course I am taking through WordPress which makes me sad. With that being said, today’s topic for the photography course is architecture. When I was on one of my walks through Cowen Park, I noticed a playground toy I hadn’t seen in years. A toy that has been deemed dangerous by some but was and is quite fun. It is that of a you push and jump on merry-go-round or at least that is what I call it. I loved these things as a kid. Seeing this made my heart happy as you don’t see many of them on playgrounds any more and they use to be one of the most common playground equipment around or at least it appeared that way to me. This piece of architecture makes me both happy and sad. It make me happy because it brings back good childhood memories. It makes me sad because they are not around too much now a days and I feel like kids today are missing out.

Green & Yellow playground merry-go-round that you push and jump on.

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