Everyday Inspiration, Day 6; The Space to Write

Finding the right space to write in Seattle can be a bit challenging. I say it is challenging because it all depends on the the time of year. When it comes to late autumn, most if not all of winter and early spring I tend to write inside especially when it comes to blogging. That means my awesome cat, Billie sits by my side or on my lap when I am writing my blog. Occasionally, I do go to the library to blog. During the not so good weather months or what I call the yucky weather months, I tend to do most of my blogging at home so I can get some inspiration especially from my cat, Billie. Occasionally, I also go to a coffee shop to have a London Fog as I people watch as I write my blog. So, during the yucky weather months the blogging part of my writing is done inside especially since I live in Seattle.

Now when it comes to the nice late spring months as well as most of the summer months I tend to blog outside. I tend to go to both Cowen and Ravenna Parks since they not only connected but feels like you are in the middle of nature. It feels like the middle of nature despite being in a middle of a major city of Seattle. Cowen and Ravenna Parks feel like you are in a small forest which is why it feels like you are in the middle of nature. I personally prefer writing outside in nice weather, weather it is blogging or other types of writing.

As you can tell, my writing is dependent on the weather and sometimes my mood if my mental health symptoms are acting up. Mainly it is weather dependent. I love being inspired by writing in different places.


Developing Your Eye; Day 6; The Rule of Thirds

From first glance it looks like just a big tree but if you scroll in closer you will see an owl.

I may not understand the rule of thirds for this assignment and that is okay with me. Again, I was hiking through Ravenna and Cowen parks and notice an owl in a tree. It was a mama owl watching here growing babies that where learning what owls learn but they were in a different try and I couldn’t get a good picture with out disturbing any of the owls. I love owls and is rare to find one in the city but at least they find safe places in some of the city parks.

Developing Your Eye; Day 5: “Connect”

A bridge in the fore foreground that leads to stair in back ground that lead to one of many trails. (You may need to expand the picture to see the stairs.)

This leads to one of my favorite trails in between Cowen Park and Ravenna Park. In fact in my opinion it’s one of the most peaceful trails in the Cowen Park and Ravenna Park connection. I use this trail quiet often.

Developing Your Eye; Day 3: Water

A nice little brook (stream) as I hike through the Cowen and Ravenna Parks in Seattle

I typically go to Cowen and Ravenna parks in Seattle which are connected by hiking trailing. Relativity short to a almost moderate trails. Anyway as I was hiking I noticed this small brook (stream) and thought it was beautiful especially with the small waterfall. This is one of my favorite things to do in Seattle and do this particular park at least once week with the exception of when it is literally thirty nine degrees Fahrenheit or below because that is just too cold for me.

An Opps = A Lazy Sunday

Good Evening, World!!! It’s been a lazy Sunday. It’s been a lazy Sunday because I haven’t really done anything today. I didn’t even go volunteer because I slept in which is a huge OPPPS for me. When I called letting them know they told me to not worry about it. I feel really bad and was informed to not worry about.

Since I missed my volunteer job, I have felt a little out of place which is why I think it’s been a lazy type of Sunday. Which was a good thing in a way. I was able to go to local park with hiking trails. A friend and I met up at the park and went hiking on the trails. It was the perfect day for it due to the nice, beautiful day here in Seattle. The best part was the mountain was out. When people in the Seattle area say the mountain is out they meant Mount Rainer isn’t hiding behind any clouds. It was nice to go hiking and hang out with my friend.

After hanging out hiking with a friend, I got home and rested. I rested by reading. I read the first three chapters of DragonSong. So far so good. Lets hope I continue to enjoy it. I love to read especially fantasy and science fiction books.

I do not have much more to say in this particular blog post. I do want to want to thank you for reading my blog. It is greatly appreciated from my end of things that you read my blog. If it wasn’t for you the reader, reading my blog I would not be writing my blog. Again, thank you from the bottom my heart for reading my blog. Peace Out, World!!!

Everyday Inspiration; Day 6: The Space to Write

As far as a space to write depends on if I am working from home or from the office. When it comes to working from the office, it is easier to write notes. As far as writing notes for work when I work from my home, I do have a “work space” which I not only do appointments with clients virtually but have to write notes on my client and it seems to be working.

As far as writing space for blogging it depends on my mood, the weather and my work schedule. I usually blog from home in various places that is not my home work space. I also l like to take space to write outside when the weather is good. Preferably at parks that have some nature hiking trails in some of the Seattle Park system. I tend to do my best writing when I’m in “nature” even if it’s in the middle of the city.

Of course when I am writing in one of my favorite places at home when it is not work related, my cat Billie Dean loves to help me write. Billie even want to help me with my work notes but he seems to want to help with the non work stuff. I love the Billie tries to help me write. I love him so much.

Photography: Developing Your Eye I; Day Ten: Architecture

Good Morning, World!!! Today is the last day of the free photography course I am taking through WordPress which makes me sad. With that being said, today’s topic for the photography course is architecture. When I was on one of my walks through Cowen Park, I noticed a playground toy I hadn’t seen in years. A toy that has been deemed dangerous by some but was and is quite fun. It is that of a you push and jump on merry-go-round or at least that is what I call it. I loved these things as a kid. Seeing this made my heart happy as you don’t see many of them on playgrounds any more and they use to be one of the most common playground equipment around or at least it appeared that way to me. This piece of architecture makes me both happy and sad. It make me happy because it brings back good childhood memories. It makes me sad because they are not around too much now a days and I feel like kids today are missing out.

Green & Yellow playground merry-go-round that you push and jump on.

Photography: Developing Your Eye I; Day Six: Solitude

Good Morning, World!!! Today’s topic for the photography course I am taking through WordPress is “solitude.” While on one of my many walks though the trails of Cowen and Ravenna Parks, I saw this mama owl in what appears to be solitude. She is observing her three babies that are in another tree but I like to think as I was taking time of solitude she was doing the same thing. Spending time walking through the trails of Cowen and Ravenna Parks have been in solitude and quite helpful for me. The picture below is of the mama owl in solitude. For those who are sight impaired there are captions and hope you are able to read them as they are apart of the picture.

A lone owl in a tree. This owl is actually observing her three babies in another tree.

Photography: Developing Your Eye I; Day Five: Connect

Good Morning, World!!! Today’s topic for my photography course through WordPress is “connect.” For me the word “connect” means many things. In this case, I have decided to post a picture of trails connecting in two parks here in Seattle. You can see wooded walk way over a brook and if you look a little further you can see some steps. This is just one of the many trails connecting to one another which connect Cowen and Ravenna Parks together. I have loved rediscovering the trails that connect Cowen and Ravenna Parks. For those who are sight impaired I included a caption with the picture. I just hope you are able to read it as it is apart of the picture. WordPress gives you that option.

A wood board walk over a brook that leads to steps to connect to another trail.

Photography: Developing Your Eye I; Day Three: Water

Good Morning, World!!! Today’s assignment or topic from the photography course I am taking through WordPress is “water.” While on my many walks through the trails of Cowen and Ravenna Parks I took my camera and took a picture of the tiny waterfall from a small stream also known as a brook. I just love all the greenery around it. I love being able to enjoy nature while being in the city at the same time. For those who are sight impaired, I have included a caption with the photo and hope that you are able use the caption to be of help.

A tiny waterfall from a small stream also known as a brook.