Writing 101: Finding Your Inspiration; Day Three: One-Word Inspiration

Today’s assignment for Writing 101: Finding Your Inspiration is to get inspired by a word and then write about. We were give a list of six words to choose from which are: Treasure, Regret, Home, Love, Uncertainty and Secret. This list was a tough one to choose from because they all inspired me to write. I am choosing to write about regret.

There is a quote saying, “When I look back on life, I rather regret the things I do than the things I didn’t do.”  When, I first heard this quote, it hit close to home. It hit close to home because there has been a great deal of things, I regret not doing. Unfortunately, most of the things I regret not doing is because my mental illness got in way. I am not blaming my mental health diagnosis; I’m just stating that the symptoms of my mental illness is what played a major role in my decision to not to do something. It saddens me that my mental illness caused me to miss out on a lot of various things that life has to bring.

I do have to say that I have regretted doing some things in my life. Unfortunately, those things I regret doing are related to my struggling with having a mental illness. It is because of my behaviors related to a mental illness that I lost a great deal of friends. Some of those friends were understanding and in my corner till they couldn’t handle my mental health symptoms and behaviors anymore. To a degree I understand but wish mental illness was not so taboo. My mental illness also got in the way from me completing any college degree including an A.A. degree I think not getting a least my A.A degree is one of the things I regret the most. Not getting any type of college degree is one of the things I am learning to accept because I had to come to terms with having a mental illness and needed to work o my recovery. I also know that it is never too late to go back to school to get an education. Yes, my mental illness caused a lot of pain and regret but that is why I have chosen to be in recovery.

Now that I am in recovery I am able to make clearer decisions and a high percentage of the time I am happy with the decisions I have made. When making a decision in regards to doing something, I tend to do it because, I don’t want to miss out on the experience and I know I wont regret not doing it later on in life. I will use my job as an example. It is not my desired position but I know it is a stepping stone to getting my desired position. I would have regretted not applying for the job if I didn’t apply for it so I applied for the job and got it. Now I’ve been in my current position for a year and am happy that I applied for it. I’ve learned from my life experience that participating in life events and taking healthy risk like applying for jobs and other such activities you are not going to regret it or least a good portion of the time.

My life experience is why I try to live by the quote stated in the second paragraph of this post. I just hope I didn’t bore you all with being inspired by the word “regret.” Yes, we will regret things in life but we can learn from those regrets. Have an awesome day. Peace out!!


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