Blogging 201; Day Three: Get Read All Over

It is day three of Blogging 201. Todays assignment was to get “read all over.” That means to make sure that my theme is mobile ready. When I picked my theme I made sure it was mobile ready but didn’t realize till I did this assignment that I had to enable it. Good news I enabled it. For those of you, who read on you mobile devices please let me know if you are now able to read my blog easier or if I should go back and un-enable it.

I have to get going. I have to get ready for the day. I have a training to be at. I hope to have my Writing 101: Finding Your Inspiration assignment done later this evening when I get home. Peace Out!!


2 responses to “Blogging 201; Day Three: Get Read All Over

  1. Looks like you’re super busy! I never realised some responsive themes might need enabling either, so that could be really useful to know. Thanks for sharing that. I’ll check your blog later from mobile and tablet and let you know how I experience it. Happy B201ing and look forward to finding your W101 posts at your blog too πŸ™‚

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