Blogging 201; Day Four: Give ‘Em What They Want

It is day four of Blogging 201. Today’s assignment is to do a basic 30 stat analysis for my blog. The reason for this assignment is to figure out what you, my reader want to read. The funny thing is I do this every week. I love figuring out stats. In fact stats is the only type of math that I am able to comprehend. Plus, stats are fun as well as interesting.

The cool thing is that one of my Writing 101: Finding Your Inspiration assignments, they wanted us to stick a poll in with the assignment to see what the reader would like. I’ve only had three people vote so far.  Here is the poll: I would greatly appreciate your vote. It would be helpful to  know what you the reader want.

According to my site stats I receive the most views when I am taking a Blogging U. course through WordPress. Also according to my stats, if I post only the daily basis or at least on the regular basis, I tend to have better “ratings.” That is what why I make sure do at least three post a week; My weekly goals, which is a blogging even I am apart of over at: on Mondays, Daily prompts on Tuesdays and my “educational” blogging feature on Fridays.

My lunch is almost over for the training I am attending. Have a good rest of the day. Please don’t for get to day the poll above. Pease Out.


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