Day Three: Say Hello to the Neighbors

It is day three of Blogging 101 and today’s assignment was saying hello to our neighbors. We had to choose five “topics” to follow as well as five blogs to follow. No problem, I have been meaning to add more topic to my tags as well as wanting to follow new blogs.

The new topics I have decided to follow and the reasons are as follows: Feminism: I have always been interested in feminism and consider myself as feminist. Politics: I love politics and how it has shaped our world as a whole. Child Abuse: I thought I was already following it but when I was looking in my tags, I realized I was not so now I am. LGBTQ: Despite being engaged to a wonderful man, I have always considered myself a part of the LGBTQ community because of being pansexual. Comics: I love comics. In fact I am a big collector of comic books. In fact I have most of the Wonder Woman comic books.

The following are the blogs I have started following as of today:,,, and last but not least I encourage you all to take a look at the above blogs that I just decided to follow.

Now that I am finished with todays assignment, I need to head out and take care of my mental health. I see my psychiatric nurse practioner and my therapist today.  I have a great deal to talk to my therapist about in regards to my stupid PTSD symptoms. Well, I need to go. Have an awesome day. Peace Out!!