Day Fourteen: Extend Your Brand

It is day fourteen of blogging 101 and it has flown by quickly. I am sad that there is only one more day of blogging 101. I only wish that they were offering another course I could take next month. As of right now, I am unaware when WordPress is going offer more courses and I am fine with that. It gives me time to blog more of my own stuff.

Speaking of my own stuff and my assignment, it’s time for me to do my assignment. Todays assignment to brand my blog. First off, I want to brand however, I don’t have an image that would fit just right at the moment for my blog. Secondly, the instructions that WordPress gives, I am unable to comprehend on what they are explaining due to a stupid learning disability. I know that, in a matter of time, when I look over the instructions again (and again) that I will be able to figure out how to put an image up, when I am able to find the right one. If I am unable to figure it out, I know that I will have people who can help me, if they are able to and willing to do so.

I do like the idea of branding my blog. To tell you the truth, I have been searching for an image for my blog since the time, I was considering to start a blog or not. It been about a year and half searching for the right image and have only been blogging for one year, and one and half months now. I know what type of image or “brand” I desire but have not com a crossed it yet. I do know that when I find it, you my readers and followers will know.

Time for me to get going and enjoy my day. I’m going back out on the Columbia River to do some wake boarding and swimming. Not going fish again today. I already caught my limit for the day. Have a great day everyone. Peace Out!!!