Day Two: Take Control of Your Title and Tagline

Today’s assignment doesn’t necessarily have us write a blog. In fact it has us “Take Control” of our Title and Tagline. Since I have already done that, I wanted to blog about why I chose my title and the tagline.

I came up with Gertie’s Journey because I am Gertie and it is my journey. Gertie is not my given name and no it is not short for Gertrude. It is a nickname I received in the third grade. I originally used my nickname in the title because of the stigma that goes with having a mental illness however since I now have a job as a Consumer Advocate, and work with those who struggle with mental illness’s, I use it to protect myself. Not only that Gertie’s Journey sounds much better than if you would use my given name with the word journey.

As for my tagline, it pretty much explains itself. My tagline is: A Journey of Mental Health Recovery. The reason why I chose the tagline I did was because I am sharing my journey of being in recovery with a mental illness. Of course it is my hope that I will add more of an educational twist to my blog. It has always been the hope and the case to include an educational twist. It just hasn’t been as much as a priority as it should be and will be in the future. When the educational twist of my blog comes more into play then I will change my taglines just a wee bit.

Now that I have completed today’s assignment, I need to sign of and head to work. Have a wonderful day everyone. Peace Out!!!