Day Eight: Be a Good Neighbor

It is day eight of blogging 101. Today’s assignment is to be a good neighbor. Basically, the assignment is asking to make comments on blogs we follow. I already try to do this and realize I haven’t commented on the blogs I follow as much I think I should. That is why when I got this assignment last night, I made an effort to comment on blogs that I follow. In fact this assignment has me committed to make an effort to comment on at least two blogs a day.

I like today’s assignment. It reminds me why I started my blog. What better way to give others hope and educate than to comment on other blogs? I am enjoying the blogging 101 course and am happy to be learning more about blogging and why it is a good idea to do some thing when it comes to blogging.

I will do more of my assignment of commenting later on today. I have to go to some appointments and do a few chores. Have a wonderful Hump Day (Wednesday) everyone. Peace Out!!!