Day Six: Make an Irresistible “About” Page

Today marks the start of the second week of blogging 101. Day Six’s assignment is to make an irresistible about page. I already had an About Page that I like. I did tweak it slightly. I added how people could contact me if they wish and how they could find me on Facebook and Twitter. I also made sure that I highlighted that I am not a professional because all I am is an advocate for those who have a mental illness as well as their peer to show those who struggle that recovery is possible. I am also just a “lay educator” in educating those who do not have a mental illness. I don’t think my About Page is irresistible but it that is okay with me. My about page tell you the reader about me and my blog and if it catches someone’s eye then cool.

Now that I am done with today’s assignment, I encourage you to look at my About Page. I now have to finish getting ready for work. Have a good Monday and work week. Peace Out!!!