Brief Blog About Being Inspired By Recovery.

Today, we have no assignment for Writing 101 but over the last week the assignments have been about finding inspiration. Today, I find my inspiration in my recovery. The reason for my inspiration today is because I volunteer at the Warm Line tonight. For those of you who are unsure of what a Warm Line is, its a conversational line run by people who are in recovery with a mental illness to help others who struggle with one. Many of the callers “call to help prevent a crisis.”  To me, being able to help someone prevent a crisis from happening, reminds me why I choose to be in recovery.

As many of you may already know I am in recovery from my mental illness. My recovery is why I blog. As look at my own recovery and how for I have come, I get inspired by other peoples recovery. I also get inspired how recovery look differently to each person.  Recovery may be a difficult process but it sure is awe-inspiring to see other peoples growth.

I am going to have to end this post for now for the sake my own recovery. I have to not only eat to make sure I have regulated blood sugars to maintain my emotions but need something on my tummy to take one of my meds. To me eating regularly and taking my meds is a part of my recovery just like volunteering at the Warm Line this evening. I am in fact making sure I eat before volunteering at the Warm Line not only helps me but helps the callers as well. Have a wonderful afternoon. Peace Out!!


3 responses to “Brief Blog About Being Inspired By Recovery.

  1. what a wonderful idea for a help line! it’s really hard sometimes to take suggestion or advice from someone who hasn’t walked in your shoes and can relate. congrats to you on your recovery and thank you for helping those you can!

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