Writing 101: Finding Your Inspiration; Day Six: The Space To Write

My writing space and what I use to write all depends what I am exactly writing. When it comes writing in regards to my blog, I usually use my laptop. I use my laptop because it is portable. Where I write my blog is all dependent on my mood as well as what is going on during the day. For instance, I wrote my Weekly goals this morning at home before I got ready for the day. I wrote my first Blogging 201 assignment while waiting for my appointment with my psychiatric nurse practitioner. In fact as I am writing this particular post, I am on my lunch break from work at a park nearby where I work.

My writing habits vary on what I am writing. When I am writing for my blog, it all depends on what the post is about. For example, most of the daily prompts I do on Tuesdays, I write them head of time and schedule them for a time on Tuesdays. When it comes to my educational pieces I usually start them as a post when I start researching for that particular topic and then save the draft when it gets overwhelming or I don’t have the time to continue. When comes to just everyday post in sharing my story and/or recovery I just write then publish immediately.

When it comes to what I need for writing in regards to blogging, I need my laptop. If I happen to be at local park like I am now, I need to make sure my laptop is charged so I can write and publish my post. If I am someplace that has electrical outlets, I have my laptop plugged in.

Before I end this post, I would like you to take a poll for me.  It will be helpful for me for what you a looking for in my blog as well as future Writing 101 assignment. The poll is at: 

 Have a wonderful day. Peace Out!!


One response to “Writing 101: Finding Your Inspiration; Day Six: The Space To Write

  1. Hi Gertie! I enjoyed your blog. My inspiration to write hits me at all different times. I don’t have a laptop, but I do have a smart phone. A topic will come to mind and I may be out shopping or eating out, I will then pull out my smartphone and start writing away. The words just flow like water out of a faucet. This is actually all new to me and I started writing just a few months ago. It is very therapeutic for me and helps me cope with my mental illness. A lot of my material deals with mental illness and the struggles we face every day. My blog is called “A Warriors Struggle”. I am also in the process of writing a book with the same title. Good luck on your writing and keep up the good work! Tim Foster – http://awarriorsstruggle.net

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