Blogging 201; Day One: Set Three Goals

Today is the first day of Blogging 201. The first assignment is to set up three goals for my blog. Well I am more than happy to share my goals with you, when it comes to my blog with explanation.

1)   Educate  people who don’t struggle with a mental illness. This is pretty self explanatory.

2)   Show others who struggle with a mental illness that recovery is possible and that their is hope.  With sharing my story and everyday struggles it is my hope that my story is proof that recovery is possible.

3)   To help me  with my recovery. Sharing my story and educating others ultimately helps me in my recovery process. This is in fact an unexpected goal that became a reality about six month into me being a blogger.

Thanks you for allowing me share my goals with you. I hope you enjoyed the goals I have set for my blog. Peace out!!


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