I now have 100 followers. It has taken me a year and have to get to a hundred followers as well as a lot of hard work. A lot of hard work because I had to put a great deal of time and effort into blogging. It may take time and effort into blogging but I love it. I love being able to share more story to not only educate people living without a mental illness but to be an example of what recovery looks like to those who are struggling with a mental illness.

The one thing that was unexpected about me starting my blog  was on how much it is helping me with my recovery. It is a well appreciated unexpected bonus of blogging. Blogging about my recovery and what I have gone through on the daily basis living with a mental illness has been quite therapeutic. I am sure many who blog about mental illness agree that is it therapeutic for them.

Another unexpected bonus was making some good friends. Some of those friends happen to live in close proximity to where I live. I am extremely grateful for the friendships I have made through blogging.

Before I go, I am grateful to all my followers just like I am grateful to all the amazing bloggers I follow. Have a great night everyone.  Sweet dreams and don’t let the bed bugs bite. Peace out!!


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