A Little Depressed

I have been feeling a little depressed the last week or so. My therapist and I talked a little about it on Wednesday. We both agree that the depression could be related to my physical ailments at the moment. I have been dealing with a bladder infection, an urinary tract infection (UTI), a left kidney infection and kidney stones. Due to my depression acting up a wee bit my therapist and I ended up having an hour and half session instead of an hour session. We also called my primary care physician to see if it is possible that so many ailments could trigger a mild case of depression and she agreed it could.

It is just a mild case of depression so it is nothing to be too concerned about. I just need to make sure I need to keep an eye on things. With the help of my treatment team as well as my loved ones, I can nip the depression in the butt. Plus as my many infections clear up, my treatment team thinks my depression will start to lift. It might take a week or two but I am cool with that. I am cool with that because, I am not in crisis mode. Myself and others are taking preventive measures to make sure I don’t get into crisis mode. Crisis mode is not very fun to be in which is why I am in prevention mode.

I am not telling all this to be concerned about me; I am telling you all this so you are all aware of how being sick can affect one’s mental health. That is why when those of us who have a mental illness need to be extra aware of when we get sick. The last thing any of us needs is to have a mental health symptoms rear its ugly head when we are trying to get physically better. Have a wonderful day. Peace Out!!