Giving Haiku Another Try

Apparently when I first tried a Haiku style poem the first time, I didn’t do correctly so here I am giving it another try because I really want to learn this style of poetry and do it correctly. I hope you all enjoy the following poem:

Untitled Haiku

(for now)

by Gertie

Gloomy days are sad

Sad enough to cut myself

Refusing to cut

As you can tell many of my poems come real life. My life. My life of living with a mental illness and how poetry plays a major part of my recovery process. Poetry comes naturally to me and find it frustrating when I have to spend  thirty minutes on one. No the above poem didn’t take me thirty minutes do but yesterdays took me that long. It usually takes me about five to fifteen minutes to create a poem. I love writing poem because it therapeutic for me. Thank you for reading. Have an awesome weekend.