Depression, Isolation & Voices, Oh My

Good Evening, World. The last couple of weeks haven’t been the easy for me. I dissociated for nearly an entire week and then last week I was severely depressed. I barely did anything last week. I only went to my appointments and DBT group. I pretty much isolated last week. To add on top of the depression, dissociation and isolation, my voices are acting up.

My mental health treatment team is getting so concerned that they think the hospital might be just around the corner and think they are right. I just don’t know what the hospital can do for me but keep me safe. I am not at risk of self harming or attempting suicide but my treatment team fear for my safety when I am dissociated.

Thank you for reading. Peace out World!!!

4 responses to “Depression, Isolation & Voices, Oh My

  1. Thank you for the update, Gertie. Hang in there. You can get through this. Many of us have before and I’m sure you may have too. This is just a rough patch in your journey. But, you’ll emerge in the other side stronger. Meanwhile, try practicing mindfulness and staying aware of every sensation in the present moment. It may help.

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