The Hate & Violence Needs To Stop

Good Morning, World!!! If you live in the United State I am sure you are well aware of the shooting that killed eleven people at Synagogue in Pittsburgh. All I know is that hate and violence need to fucking stop. I don’t understand why the mass shootings are getting worse.

This time around the mass shooting happened a Synagogue which is considered a hate crime here in the United States. It pisses me off that one particular political party is saying that this shooting wouldn’t have happened if there were armed guards. Unfortunately, I think if there were armed guards at the Synagogue, I think the situation would have turned out much worse.

Have armed guards everywhere is not the solution. Having common sense gun laws (or common sense gun control) is what is needed. But here in America people are so set for the second amendment. I am not a fan of guns for many reasons but I understand having the right to bare arms however we need some form of common sense gun laws to help prevent mass shootings or any shooting for that matter. I’m not saying to my fellow Americans that I want to take away your guns, I am say we need better gun control

The thing that pisses me off even though I haven’t heard anything of this yet, is that in most mass shootings here in America, are blamed on people who have a mental health challenge. I am sorry to say this but the majority of people who have a mental health challenge happen to be the victim of a crime than be the perpetrator of a crime.

What happened yesterday at the Synagogue is a hate crime. A crime that is being encouraged by the current administration. That is why that the elections this year are extremely important. We need to get people in power who don’t encourage violence.

That is why I have voted. Yes, I already got my ballot and voted. It is in the mail as we speak. Voting is our civic duty and anyone who doesn’t vote has absolutely no right to complain about the current political climate or say anything regarding government agencies.

Okay, I think I am off my high horse. I am just pissed off that eleven people got killed at a Synagogue. I am also pissed about the continuous shootings that are happening throughout America and nobody seems to give a shit.

Thank you for reading for my blog. I am sorry for the post being so angry. I just don’t like when people get killed. Again, thank you for reading. It is greatly appreciated that you read my blog. Peace Out, World and lets stop the hate.


One response to “The Hate & Violence Needs To Stop

  1. I was in synagogue when we heard about it. The Rabbi started a prayer for them. Some people left feeling scared. One of the people who participated in the Charleston rally and had his photo plastered all over the Internet lives in this city and used to attend the local University. So, of course, local Jews are frightful of the anti-Semitic presence here. I stayed for a bit of the prayer, but was also scared and quietly left early. There will be counsellors at many synagogues this week.

    Our synagogue does have a security guard outside and so has every major synagogue I’ve ever attended (none are armed that I can tell)….smaller congregations tend not to or only have one on major Holidays. I don’t know why such a big building like this one in Pittsburgh didn’t have a regular guard. I’ve even seen them at synagogues on weekdays. Their mere presence may scare off some people with wrongful intent (like defacing the building, which has happened to the one I go to here and is why they now have the guard). My own home (which we sold) in Vegas was targeted shortly after Trump was elected. A swastika was painted on the wall right by our front door with an arrow pointing to our mezuzah. A mezuzah is a religious item many Jews put on their door frames. We lived in a gated community then. The perpetrators either lived there, knew someone who did, climbed the wall, or just followed someone in. I think all Jews live with the constant fear that anything could happen anywhere. We are always targeted.

    You know, I was just reading in the latest issue of Oprah magazine about voting for better gun laws. You should read it. It’s such great timing! It mentioned something about technology helping with gun control by demanding all guns have something like finger print recognition to even use it and limit that to one user per gun that only the manufacturer can reset.

    I don’t think Trump is responsible for this and I think these idiots are being misled simply because he is a very traditional white Christian man. Trump has Jewish family. They’re orthodox, even more observant than I am (I’m a step down). You can get more observant though…there’s ultra-orthodox and hasid.

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