Developing Your Eye; Day 6; The Rule of Thirds

From first glance it looks like just a big tree but if you scroll in closer you will see an owl.

I may not understand the rule of thirds for this assignment and that is okay with me. Again, I was hiking through Ravenna and Cowen parks and notice an owl in a tree. It was a mama owl watching here growing babies that where learning what owls learn but they were in a different try and I couldn’t get a good picture with out disturbing any of the owls. I love owls and is rare to find one in the city but at least they find safe places in some of the city parks.

Developing Your Eye; Day 5: “Connect”

A bridge in the fore foreground that leads to stair in back ground that lead to one of many trails. (You may need to expand the picture to see the stairs.)

This leads to one of my favorite trails in between Cowen Park and Ravenna Park. In fact in my opinion it’s one of the most peaceful trails in the Cowen Park and Ravenna Park connection. I use this trail quiet often.

Photography: Developing Your Eye I; Day Five: Connect

Good Morning, World!!! Today’s topic for my photography course through WordPress is “connect.” For me the word “connect” means many things. In this case, I have decided to post a picture of trails connecting in two parks here in Seattle. You can see wooded walk way over a brook and if you look a little further you can see some steps. This is just one of the many trails connecting to one another which connect Cowen and Ravenna Parks together. I have loved rediscovering the trails that connect Cowen and Ravenna Parks. For those who are sight impaired I included a caption with the picture. I just hope you are able to read it as it is apart of the picture. WordPress gives you that option.

A wood board walk over a brook that leads to steps to connect to another trail.