Writing 101: Finding Your Inspiration; Day Seventen: Mine Your Own Material

When I think of the word mine, two things come up. The first thing is a toddler not wanting to share and saying “MINE” in a loud voice. The second thing that come up for me are the seagulls in Finding Nemo saying “Mine, Mine, Mine.” When most people think of the word “Mine” they think of being selfish. In some cases that is true while in other cases its not true at all.

A time when the word “MINE” is selfish is similar to the examples I gave in the above paragraph. An example of the word “MINE” not being selfish is when one wants their own privacy. Another example is in the case of underwear and shoes. Sharing of underwear and shoes is not a good thing.

I realize this is not what the writing assignment was necessary about but this is how I interrupted it. Or at least its what came to mind and will to do at the moment. Not feeling well has put a road block in my creative side and I am okay with that at the moment. I will blog again tomorrow when it is time to do my Writing 101 assignment. Peace Out!!!!!


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