Writing 101: Finding Your Inspiration; Day Eighteen: A Map As Your Muse

The above map resembles the path I have chosen for my career. It has taken some time and energy to get where I am at, both personally and professionally. If it wasn’t for the growth I have had in personal life, I would be where I am professionally.

As many of you already know, I am in recovery from a mental illness. The journey with my recovery from a mental illness has not been an easy process. A process that was and still well worth all the work. It is because of my journey with a mental illness, I am choosing the field of mental health as my career path.

Three years ago (2012), is when I truly started my career path. In fact, that is when I started volunteering at my current employer. Then a year later, back in 2013, is when I took the forty (40) hour, one week, peer support specialist training and exam. I of course passed the exam. Then last year (2014), is when I not only got employed with my current employer as a Consumer Aide but started volunteering at the Warm Line as a caller taker. Earlier this year I started volunteering at a local young adult homeless shelter because I ultimately want to work with young adults who struggle with a mental illness. Now that I have been at my current employer for a year, I plan on applying for jobs as a peer support specialist.

I realized last year when I was applying and interviewing for peers support specialist jobs that many mental health agencies wanted people who had paid experience. That is one of the reasons why I applied, interviewed and accepted my current job. I also know from experience that many employers, know matter the company, what people who have been at their current employer for at least a year.

Now that I have the year paid experience, I have been working on updating my résumé and working on cover letters. Like many others, I don’t like writing cover letters because I don’t like “bragging” about myself. Even though I don’t like “bragging” about myself, I try to look at it this way; if it gets me the job I want along my career path then I am getting from point A to point B on my career map.

I may not be getting to point A to point B the way I thought I would career wise, I like the fact that my life has been a journey of self acceptance and resilience. A resilience that only a few know if they choose to be in recovery.

Thank you for reading about my career path and the road I have travelled to get to it. Have a wonderful day and Peace Out!!

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