Writing 201: Poetry; Day One: Screen, Haiku, Alliteration

An Untitled Haiku

(For now)

by Gertie

One size fits all doesn’t work.

Recovery is a unique process.

As unique as you and I.


9 responses to “Writing 201: Poetry; Day One: Screen, Haiku, Alliteration

  1. Very nice for a start but you didn’t follow the normal 5, 7, 5, syllable count for haiku. Haiku has no punctuation or capital letters. Just remember for next time and don’t worry I did all of that when I started haiku.

    As a three line poem it’s very good you said a lot in 3 lines it packs an emotional punch. Bravo!

      • I never take anything at face value when someone tells me I look it up. If you look it up, or ask our class you’ll see for yourself. I made so many mistakes with haiku and still do it’s a very hard form and has more rules than even those mentioned in this class. Many people consider themselves haiku poets that can’t write it correctly and anyone can self publish a book now.

        I am only trying to help no harm meant. This is a class I’m here to learn but if I can help I mean to do so. I want to be friends.

        I gave your poem an honest critique and liked it. Does it matter that it’s a haiku or that it’s good? Looking forward to today’s write! Hugs!

  2. I find that some haikus can be a little bit choppy and don’t flow very well, but yours sounded so natural. I really liked the simile at the end; it captured so many thoughts in so few words.

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