Happy Leap Day

Happy Leap Day!!! Today is February 29th and as you all know it only comes once every four years. Leap year falls the year when both the Summer Olympics and the United States Presidential elections happen. Just some random crap I thought I would share with you all.

I am full of random crap in my head. I just never thought the random crap would be helpful in a job interview. I mentioned to you all in my previous post that I had an interview last Thursday (February 25, 2016) for a peer specialist position at my current employer. Anyway, I got “bonus points” for knowing something the other interviewee’s did not mention. I was asked about my knowledge or experience of what an RSN is? My response what it’s the Regional Support Network which is going to be changing to a BHO or Behavioral Health Organization on April 1st. It boggles my mind that someone who is in recovery and applying for a peer specialist job doesn’t know this information. I just figured in was just some random crap I store in my head of mine that wouldn’t necessarily need to be used for anything. Boy, was I wrong.

I am looking forward to work today. I do have to leave work an hour to go to an appointment to see my Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner (ARNP). As much as I enjoy my job and don’t want to leave early, I also realize that I need to see my Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner so  I can maintain and continue on my recovery. My recovery means the world to me and if I don’t continue with it then I wont be able to help my current clients as well as future clients I will serve.

Speaking of clients, I need to get going so I can get ready for work. I hope you all have a wonderful day. In fact I hope everyone has a wonderful work week. Happy Leap Day and Peace Out!!!