Once Again, I’m On My Oh So Lovely Soap Box

Good Afternoon, World!! It’s another relaxing Sunday afternoon in my neck of the woods. As I was sitting on my couch relaxing, I was thinking about the many types of discrimination a person can experience. One of which is economical class discrimination.

There isn’t a day that I don’t think about economical class and discrimination especially when it comes discrimination toward low income individuals. I think about this daily for many reasons. One of which, is I recently experienced it recently, again.

Let me explain my most recent experience in economical class discrimination. I had to call the fine folks who run the city bus system to see where the bus was due to the fact that it had not arrived yet. I called on my basic touch phone which appears to be a smart phone but isn’t. When the fine folks on the other end finally picked up I had an extremely irritating conversation. The woman on the other end mentioned about getting the one bus away app. I had informed her that not everyone has the luxury of owning a smart phone due to finance’s. (This is the point in the conversation that gets quite infuriating.) The woman on the other end informed me that I needed to “learn how to budget.” The thought going through my head was; excuse me, I just didn’t fucking hear that or did I. End stead of say this, I asked for the supervisor and her response was, “I am the supervisor.” At this point, I hung up due to the fact I chose not to get on my soap box with this individual because it appeared from my end she would not be able to grasp it the idea of what she just did was a form of discrimination against low income individuals such as myself. I, of course made an official complaint and much to my surprise it was taken care of.

Like I said earlier in this post that there is not a day where I don’t think about economical class and the discrimination one deals with when they are low income. The reason being is because I live in a subsidized housing building and work at a mental health agency that primarily deals with individuals that are homeless or formally homeless. It’s difficult for me to not, not see the disparity in being low income. It’s irritating as hell when I hear comments such as “you need to learn how to  budget” or “get a job” or “you’re not disabled so you shouldn’t be receiving disability” and so on. I can go on with all of the comments I have heard said to me or the clients I serve. I guess, I am just attempting to point out that when people discriminate against those who are low income they are discriminating against the following: people of color, people other ethnicities, elderly, immigrants, LGBTQ, gender, those with a criminal background and the disabled (which includes those of us who struggle with a mental illness). (SIDE NOTE: I realize I may have missed other minority groups that are affected in low income and I apologize if I missed yours.) Discrimination of those who are low income means you are discriminating against them in another category as well.

As you can tell I get passionate about others being discriminated against. What people don’t realize is that being discriminated against because of your economical class is a very real issue and wish it was brought up more. I know its on the low end of the totem pole of issues that need to be brought up in whole grand scheme of things when it comes to discrimination but that is what I am brining it up in my blog. I am hoping that this entry can at least start a conversation about the topic.

I appreciate you reading my blog and hope that this entry does start a conversation. All I ask is that if you comment on this post that you are respectful. If I feel like you are not being respectful, I will not approve them. My blog, my rules. I just want the conversation to be started. Peace Out!!


2 responses to “Once Again, I’m On My Oh So Lovely Soap Box

  1. You didn’t give the option to LOVE this post! Which I did!! I used to make really good money until my body gave up and forced me into a wheelchair permanently! Kind of hard to chase a company’s wiring issues from a wheelchair.

    Relocated many times until we finally settled into a house paid for by a combination of my social security disability and my husband’s full time job. I put him through school and supported him while he chased his dreams, now he is supporting me for once. Turn about is fair play in my book!

    Our neighbors at this house include a family of immigrants with lots of cute kids! They are Hmong, if you know anything about that group of people. The are really nice. The older couple (don’t speak English) but me and my husband call them grandma and grandpa between us. Waves are how we say hi to them. The other side of the house there are people of either Mexican or Spanish descent. They have great kids too!

  2. I can’t believe this “supervisor” told you to budget better. Aside from being rude and presumptuous, it’s also lazy business. I used to have people call me all the time at work asking me questions that they could answer themselves if they looked at our business website. I still answered their questions!

    I’m currently preparing to give birth to my first child and my partner and I are looking at where we can cut costs. I’m in Canada and despite having laws for maternity leave I am not entitled to paid leave because I have not worked enough hours. Our income is being slashed pretty bad. We are budgeting of course but no amount of budgeting will make our $188/month bill for cable, home phone, and internet more affordable or worth it! So that’s going to get cut to just internet!

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