Afternoon Ramblings

Good Afternoon, World!!! I am sitting here at day treatment bored half out of my mind. I did get my hair cut which is a good thing. It feels more like a summer cut now.

I am looking forward to what this summer has to bring. Summer is my favorite time of year. The sunny weather actually helps with my depression. I just love the fact that the days are longer and it is warmer outside.

My interview yesterday went extremely well. It went so well that I think I might be getting the part time position. I hope I do get as I miss working a great deal. I miss the clients and being able to be of help to others.

My depression has been acting up and I am just ready for it go the fuck away. Sorry but not sorry for the cussing as it is the best way describe how I feel about the depression. Depression sucks shit but that is why I have skills to help me through the depression.

I am going to get going as other people in day treatment want to use the computer and I have a laptop at home I can use. As always, thank you for reading. Peace Out, World!!!


Monday Evening Ramblings

Good Evening, World!!! I don’t have much to say in this post or at least I don’t think I do at this current moment in time. I say this as I don’t know what I have to say at the moment.

I have been watching the Stanley Cup finals as I am sort of a fan of hockey. My team may not be in it to get the Stanley Cup but I am rooting the for the underdog; Las Vegas Golden Knights. I love the fact they weren’t even suppose to make it to the play offs much less to the actual Stanley Cup games.

As I have mentioned in my previous post I had my job interview today. They have two job openings open. One is full time while the other is part time. I hope I get the part time job as that will be best for me to do.

I figured out what I am going to do my DBT homework on. Part of the homework that is due is to do a chain analysis. I am going to do a chain analysis on my behavior in Day Treatment today. Granted it wasn’t all that “bad” however I feel like I need to a chain analysis.

Thank you for reading. Peace Out, World!!!

Interview Went Well

Good Afternoon, World!!! I am now done with my interview at my previous employer. I think it went well. As with any job interview I had some anxiety that automatically goes with it. I say my anxiety was there but not as high as I thought it was going to be.

I am now at day treatment in my interview clothes waiting for Art Group. Art Group starts at one in the afternoon and it is now twelve thirty in the afternoon. I always look forward to Art therapy as it helps me express myself with what I am trying to say verbally.

As far as the group I am going to do at a volunteer job, I haven’t decided yet. I am either going to do it on grief or on self harm. Both topics can and are difficult to discuss and deal with. That is why I am thinking if I should offer to co-facilitate another group with someone and see how that goes.

Thank you for reading. Peace Out, World!!!

Here Is To A Good Monday

Good Morning, World!!! It is yet another Monday. Monday’s are days that many folks around the world dread because it is the start of the work week. I for one dread it for other reasons. Reason’s I would really not discuss at the moment.

Today, I don’t have much to dread at I have a job interview at my previous employer. I am looking forward to it. I am looking forward to it for a multitude of reasons. Reasons that I can not share due to HIPPA laws. One reason I can share is that I am looking forward to looking forward to seeing some former colleagues. Colleagues that I have become friends with.

After my job interview, I plan on going to Art Group. Art group helps me express myself when words tend to fail me. In fact my therapist is going to try to make it to art group to be a co-facilitator of the group. I personally think he would be good at it.

Here is to a good Monday everyone!!! Peace Out, World!!!

A Whirl Wind Of Things Going On

Good Evening, World!!! The last few days have been a whirl wind. A whirl wind of things to do that has been overwhelming and mostly in a good way. Let’s start with the training I did this weekend. I attended a facilitator training to become a volunteer group facilitator at a local peer run origination. I figure this will help me career wise especially since I am applying for new jobs. Volunteering always looks good on the resume’.

I have a job interview at my previous employer. It is a Peer job at with one of their Substance Use Disorders (SUD) programs. It is a full time job and not sure if working full time is a wise decision for me to do. But I need the practice for the interview. If I get the job I can find out more it and turn it down if it is not the job for me.

I also have art group tomorrow that I am debating weather or not if I am going to go. I am debating as I would still be in my interview clothes and don’t want to ruin them.  It is something to thing about right now.  We will see what I’ll do and how I feel after my interview.

Thank you so much for reading my blog. It is much appreciated. Peace Out, World!!!

Another Busy Day

Good Morning, World!!! Today is going to be another busy day for me as I am attending another day of facilitator training to be a volunteer group facilitator at a Peer run community center that holds groups. Groups that are peer led and NOT led by a case manager or therapist. It may only be a volunteer gig but it works for me at the moment. Plus it looks good on the resume’.

When I get home I’ll prepare for my job interview for tomorrow. Not sure if I am ready for a full time job but at least I am getting my name out there and able to get job interviews.

I just wanted to let you know what was up today. I will try to post about the training this evening. I hope you all have a great day. Peace Out, World!!!

Late Morning Ramblings

Good Morning, World!!! I am a little disappointed as I went to my job interview and it didn’t happen. It didn’t happen because one of the interviewers wasn’t there due to a family emergency. So, the interview got rescheduled for next Monday.

Now that I am home, I have been scrap booking. I have been adding pictures of Lil Gertie as well as Wonder Woman items. So, I have been adding two of my favorite things; my cat and my favorite super hero. I love to scrap book.

Lil Gertie has been helpful to me regarding my anxiety today. Not job interview anxiety but anxiety as a whole. Anxiety that appears to be reduced by Lil Gertie.

I think I am going to get going. Thank you for reading. Have a great day. Peace Out, World!!!