Two Years Since I Said Goodbye to One Career

It is difficult to wrap my head around that two years ago today, I was getting ready for my last day of work at as a courtesy clerk (bagger) at a national grocery store chain. In the last two years a great deal has happened both personally and professionally.

If you haven’t been reading my blog for long, I use to work as a courtesy clerk (bagger) at a grocery store. I was employed with this grocery store before finally getting a job at my current employer. See, I had been applying for Peer Specialist jobs and kept getting interviews but not jobs. So, I decided to apply for the Consumer Aide position at my current employer even though I knew I was overqualified for the position. I ended up getting the job for the Consumer Aide position despite being overqualified for it. The main reason I was offered the job was because the job position had been opened for quite some time and my employer need to fill it. I of course took the position because I knew it would give me the “paid experience” other agencies were desiring for me to have for a Peer Specialist position. It just so happened that I made the right decision with applying for and accepting the job as a Consumer Aide because it ultimately helped me get into my current position as Peer Specialist. In fact, the Peer Specialist position for me ended up being a promotion for me because I got hired within the agency I was already working for as a Consumer Aide.

I hope this particular post gives people hope that with hard work and determination that all things are possible. I also hope that this post gives my new readers and/or followers some background on how I got into my current position. I hope to post more about it in the next couple of day to couple of weeks. I appreciate all my regular readers and followers for reading. Thank you for reading everyone and peace out.

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