Just Another Rambling From Me; Gertie

Good Evening, World!!! Today, I went to therapy and saw Gilbert. We worked on both on my crisis plan and treatment plan. We spent about an hour and a half  working on both. On a sad note Gilbert is going to be working on a different team starting April but he will make sure that there will be a soft (or warm) hand off when my new clinician starts in April. As sad as I am that Gilbert is going to a different team, I am grateful that he will make sure I’ll have a good clinician.

I also went to DBT group. Only four of us showed up to group including myself. I am a little disappointed that only four people showed up today as I tend to learn better by hearing what others have to say.

Even though today is not quite St. Patrick’s Day, I celebrated it with friends a day early. We had corn beef, potato’s and cabbage. I love an authentic Irish meal especially when it’s celebrating my heritage.

Thanks for reading. Peace Out, World!!!

The Funeral Went Well

My anxiety it still quite high even a few hours after the funeral ended. The service went well. I personally thought it was awesome. I miss my grandma so much. It’s so hard to say goodbye however I’m glad I went.

Now it’s time to start the long term grieving  process and not sure when or how that is going happen. I just know I’ll have the support when I start really grieving.

Thank you so very much for reading. It is very much appreciated from my end. Thanks again from the bottom of my heart. Goodnight!!!! Peace Out, World!!!

At The End of The Rainbow

You and a friend have decided to try and follow a rainbow to see if the end holds a pot of gold. But when you finally reach the end, you find something much more valuable than a pot of gold—and it changes your life.

It is a simple as we find out through the journey we went on that our friendship will last through the good times and the bad times. Because of this we received what our hearts desired. For me it was an education in the mental health field and for my friend it was marrying the love of her life.


Everyday Inspiration; Day 11: A Cup of Coffee

Hello, World!!! You would think living in Seattle I would love coffee but I don’t. I don’t like the taste of the yucky stuff but I love the smell. So, if you would go out to coffee with me I would most likely be having a cup of hot chocolate or some tea.

I’m not sure what we would talk about if we were to go coffee but I would hope we would talk about both the positive and negative stuff going on in our lives. Maybe would talk about the 2018 Winter Olympics and how they are about to end. Or even how the Olympics bring the world together in ways only sports can bring folks together.

Maybe I’ll talk about the loss of my grandma and how much she meant to me and my family. If we talk about my grandma, we would discuss how she was major influence on my life and a motherly figure to me.

Or we could talk about what is going on in your life. Whatever that may look like to you. We could talk about your family or sports or anything you want.

Thank you for reading. Have great day!!! Peace Out, World

Weekly Plans


  • Blog
  • Hang out with family
  • Clean apartment


  • Blog
  • Knitting Group
  • Art Group
  • Therapy
  • Clean apartment


  • Blog
  • Hearing Voices group
  • Errands


  • Blog
  • Therapy
  • Clean apartment


  • Blog
  • DSHS
  • Red Robin w/friends


  • Blog
  • Basketball
  • Therapy


  • Blog
  • Pack to get ready to go out of town for grandma’s funeral
  • Clean Apartment

Weekly Check-In

Good Evening, World!!! If you been reading my blog this past week you know that my grandma passed away. It’s been quite difficult for me and my family especially my grandpa. My grandparents were married for 62 1/2 years so of course its going to be difficult for him.

My friends have been a wonderful source of support the last few days. Friends who have no fear of seeing me cry or giving me reality checks when needed. Hell, my friends are stubborn ass mules just like I am. I think that’s what makes my friends awesome. They don’t put up with my bullshit.

Speaking of friends, I went to Red Robin with two of my closest friends. We had some yummy food. Food that is good for the soul.

I didn’t go to my volunteer job this evening primarily because of the grief I am dealing with regarding my grandma. People are pretty understanding about it. Having some awesome peer support is great.

Thank you for reading and Peace Out, World!!!

I Miss My Grandma

Hello, World!!! I’m having a really strong moment of grief. Grief of loosing my grandma. I wish she was still here however I know she is watching over me as my guardian angel.

With the loss of my grandma, I’ve been receiving some great support from friends and fellow peer specialist. Support from people that I didn’t even know that cared. Having folks check in with me has been quite helpful for me.

Thank you for reading. Peace Out, World!!!