Cat Helping Me Through PTSD

Good Morning, World!!! My cat woke me up from another nightmare. Something that I am an extremely proud of her for. I am just tired has hell and wish I could go back to sleep after the nightmare but unable to do so at the moment. Lil Gertie is curly up with me and giving me the emotional support that I need at the moment. She is an awesome little kitty.

On the other hand I did to attempt to get back to sleep as I have one more training to go to in regards in becoming a facilitator for groups at a peer run agency. Agency that only gets funding by getting grants. Being a volunteer facilitator will look great on the resume’. A resume’ that will help me get a job that I want.

Going back to the grants and funding. It’s has been a desire of mine to learn how to learn how to write grants as it could be helpful in getting jobs in the the nonprofit sectors of jobs. I hope someday I can go to school for this.

Thank you for reading. Have a good night everyone. Peace Out, World!!!

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