Cat Helping Me Through PTSD

Good Morning, World!!! My cat woke me up from another nightmare. Something that I am an extremely proud of her for. I am just tired has hell and wish I could go back to sleep after the nightmare but unable to do so at the moment. Lil Gertie is curly up with me and giving me the emotional support that I need at the moment. She is an awesome little kitty.

On the other hand I did to attempt to get back to sleep as I have one more training to go to in regards in becoming a facilitator for groups at a peer run agency. Agency that only gets funding by getting grants. Being a volunteer facilitator will look great on the resume’. A resume’ that will help me get a job that I want.

Going back to the grants and funding. It’s has been a desire of mine to learn how to learn how to write grants as it could be helpful in getting jobs in the the nonprofit sectors of jobs. I hope someday I can go to school for this.

Thank you for reading. Have a good night everyone. Peace Out, World!!!


Evening Ramblings

Good Evening, World. Right now I am just fighting through some anxiety. Anxiety that is being reduced my Lil Gertie. I’m going to be seeing my therapist tomorrow and we will be discussing my anxiety and how my cat has been helping reduce the symptoms of it.

As you may know if you read my blog regularly I am using advertisements to earn some extra money. They will not pay you till you hit at least one hundred dollars. All I made for the month of April is nine dollars and seventy four cents. Well, at least it is a start. A start in the right direction.

Today, I adulted. I paid most of my June bill already. The only thing I have to pay is my credit card bill and I can do that tomorrow. Being responsible with paying on bills is always a good thing. I also but kitty litter and food for Lil Gertie. I also got her a bed to sleep in. It will go on the end of my bed at night and next to my chair during the day.

I have been doing a lot of scrap booking today. I painted a picture in my scrap book just for the hell of it. It is my scrap book to help me remember the events of my life so why not remember painting.

I think I am going to go now. Have a great day. Peace Out World!!!

Gotta Love My Kitty

Good Morning, World!!! My cat has this adorable meow that tends to startle me at this hour in the morning. I love her so much. At this hour in the morning all she wants to do is play. She is an amazing little kitty. I’ve noticed she does her cute playful meow this time of morning when I am having a nightmare. I think she does it to wake me up from the nightmare to prevent it from getting worse. I don’t know how animals are able to sense it but they do.

I finally was informed on how much I earned from the advertisements and it is not all that much. I just have to wait to get it till it reaches the one hundred dollar mark to be able to claim it which sucks shit. So if you all can do me a favor and click on the advertisements that would be great.

I think I am going to be doing some scrap booking. Since Lil Gertie got me up, I might as well as be productive. I love making scrap books as they remind me of all the good things that happen in my life. Looking at them helps with the remembering of good things. Good things that are becoming more and more, the older I get.

Thank you for reading. Have a great Tuesday everyone. Peace Out, World!!!

Friday Evening Ramblings

Good Evening, World!!! My therapist checked in with me before he left the office for the three day weekend. He reminded me the free music event going on this weekend at the Seattle Center. I plan on going to Folk Life on Monday with my friend from high school.

My anxiety has been acting up so I have been painting. I painted or attempted to paint another picture of Lil Gertie. I am hoping that with practicing that I could get good enough to sell some of my art.

Well I need to go and eat dinner. Have good three day weekend. Have a Happy Friday. Peace Out, World!!!

Weekly Check-In

Hello, World!!! As many of you know my family celebrated Mother’s Day today to honor my grandma. It was difficult for all of us as this is the first Mother’s Day without my grandma since she passed away.

As I told you earlier this week, I went to the Social Security office to discuss why I wasn’t getting any money. To find out I was suppose to be getting some money but they “forgot” to give it to me. Thankfully, my provisional checks were reinstated as I wait for Social Security  to make a decision.

I also made the decision to officially look into Buddhism. I have found that folks who consider themselves Buddhist to be at peace with themselves. Plus, I feel like it can help me with my recovery.

Thanks for reading. Have a goodnight. Peace Out, World!!!

Random Thoughts

Good Evening, World!!! I just woke up from a four hour nap. I just hope I can sleep tonight. I doubt I will be able to sleep but I will still try to do so.

Other than the late nap, I am doing well. I got my social security stuff taken care of even it it is just a temporary solution for now. I am not going to be complaining about the temporary solution because I am grateful for it.

I talked to brother today. He and I have the same mom but different dads. He hopes he made the right decision in contacting his aunt on his dads side. Jay is an awesome brother. He is extremely protective of me despite him being eleven years younger than me.

I better get going as I don’t have much else to say. Have a great evening. Peace Out, World!!!

Good News

Hello, World!!! I got good news. I am eligible for provisional eligibility of social security till they make a final determination if I am disabled in their eyes. I have had this disability for thirty years. I don’t think anything has changed. I still have mental health challenges whether or not I work or not.

I would love to go back to work and have a job I love again. I just don’t know if I can go back as soon as I had hoped. I love working and having a job where I can be a productive member of society.

Being a productive member of society for me would be working however that is not the case at the moment. So for me going to groups is a way for me to be productive. Being productive is crucial for me and my recovery.

Thank you for reading. I hope you have a great day. Peace Out, World!!!