Phuck, My Neighbor

Good Morning, World!!! I am fucking livid at a particular neighbor of mine. A neighbor of mine has pulled the fire alarm three different times tonight. He pulled it because other neighbors were not wearing their mask due to Covid-19. This isn’t the first time this neighbor has done this and it is becoming a pattern. Apparently, this becoming more frequent and the police and apartment management aren’t doing shit about it.

The police say they can’t arrest this neighbor because it is only a misdemeanor and the county jail are not book misdemeanors due to Covid-19. Well the neighbor who is pulling the fire alarm are putting other people lives at stake and it seem like nobody gives a shit.

I don’t appreciate not being able to sleep because of this neighbor. I need sleep as well as my other neighbors do. Apparently the apartment management has “talked” with this neighbor but that is all or at least that is how it appears to me and other neighbors.

I don’t have much more to say as I want to try to get some sleep tonight. Thank you for reading my blog. It is greatly appreciated from my end of things that you read my blog. Without you reading my blog, I wouldn’t be writing my blog. Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for my reading my blog. I hope this day will become better. Peace Out, World!!!


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