Everyday Inspiration; Day 4: A Story in a Single Image

Hello, World!!! Today’s assignment is to have a story in a single image. Sadly, WordPress gives the same four images which doesn’t help me find inspiration anymore since I have taken this course before. I am choosing to not share the image I am choosing to writer about is for several reasons. One; I am writing under pseudonym which happens to be a nickname I had as a kid. Two; one of the people in the picture I am looking at to writer about has a lifetime restraining order against someone who nearly killed them. Three; I don’t have everyone’s permission to post on my blog which I will respect.

The picture I am looking a picture of a group of friend with me as we are doing a ropes course as part of a team building exercise for band camp. Yes, I went to band camp. I remember this quite vividly as many of my peers didn’t think I had it in me to do the ropes course much less ending up being the leader of it so my friends could complete the course. Hell, I didn’t think I had it in me.

In fact despite never being the best flute player in the band, this ropes course at band camp gave me the confidence I needed to keep practicing my flute. From then on, I was never last chair again. I ended up third to last chair. Still not even close to being first chair but kept me practice to make sure that I didn’t go back to second to last chair or last chair. I tried many times to be fourth to last chair but in all honesty the person in fourth last chair had more talent that I did.

The picture of the ropes course with my friends not only gave me confidence in myself but it gave my peers some much more respect and I also ended up with some self respect because of this. So, the picture or image I told you about is something to write about which is why I got my inspiration from it.


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