Happy Birthday, Gertie

First and fore most I want to wish the love of my life, Gertie, a very Happy Birthday. Gertie deserves the best birthday ever. I am starting off their birthday with doing my guest post all about Gertie and how I am going to celebrate them today. I’m posting this at four in the morning so when Gertie gets up with breakfast in bed that they will already have birthday wishes from you, the reader Gertie works so hard for. Breakfast in bed and birthday wishes from you, the reader is only the first two presents I will be giving to.

The other gifts Gertie will be opening first thing this morning is art supplies for their art work. Books and comic books for them to read. This way Gertie will have a way to express their emotions through art as well as get out of their on head by reading books.

Of course Gertie planned something for themselves as part of a recovery present to themselves which is to go and have a therapy appointment with Gilbert. Gertie thinks therapy is a great way to celebrate a birthday since they are not able to work at the moment.

When Gertie gets back from their appointment I’ll take them to their favorite restaurant of Red Robin. Gertie loves Red Robin. I already know what Gertie is going to get and that is what makes going to Red Robin so easy.

Thank you for reading. Please, from the bottom of my heart, to know forget to wish Gertie a Happy Birthday. I love Gerties so much. I want to make Gertie’s birthday as special as I am able to do so.

Just Too Much Adulting

Good Afternoon, World!!! I know it is only two in the afternoon in my corner of the world but I have had just too much adulting for the day. Yes, while doing chores I listened to music which helped a great deal. It is just the other parts of adulting that were getting to me.

For example, while listening to music and cleaning my apartment two of my neighbors were screaming at each other in the hallway. Screaming that led into a physical altercation between the two of them which led to the police being called.

Now that I am done adulting for the moment, I am going to take a break from reality. Taking a break from reality by doing some things I enjoy doing. One thing to escape reality that I will be doing is art. It will help me express the emotions of the day and life in general.

Another way I am I escape reality it by reading. Reading a book or two that is fiction. Actually, I will be reading a fantasy book. Reading a fantasy book is definitely an escape on reality.

Thank you so much for reading about my life. Peace Out, World!!!

Finding the Hope in the Little Things

Good Afternoon, World!!! The last year and a half has been quite the struggle for me yet every time I feel like I am making some ground something trips me up. Sort of like tripping over the other shoe dropping.

Yet when I am tripping over the other shoe dropping, I tend to find the hope in the little things. Little things like reading a book or listening to my favorite music or even creating art. Yes, all the above mentioned give me hope yet something else gave me the hope I needed for this moment in time

That hope came from the two workbooks I am doing. One is about resiliency regarding my sexual orientation of being a pansexual and gender identity of being a non-binary, gender fluid individual. The other workbook is on mindfulness. So the workbooks I am doing on resiliency on who I am with my gender identity and sexual orientation as well as being mindful of being in the moment is what is giving me hope. Hope of who I am as an individual despite tripping over the other shoe dropping.

Thank you for reading. It is much appreciated from my end. Peace Out, World!!!

Today Is The Day

Good Morning, World!!! Today is the day of my grandma’s funeral. I’m not sure I am doing at this current moment in time however I suspect I’ll become more emotional as the funeral time come closer.

I am looking forward to playing my flute at my grandma’s funeral. There is something about music that brings people together. My grandma always encouraged me to play my flute and never forced me to practice which made me want to practice just for her.

Thank you so very much for reading my blog. It is much appreciated from my end. Peace Out, World!!!

Dreading Tomorrow

Hello, World!!! Tomorrow is my grandma’s funeral. It is going to be an extremely tough day for my family and I. I am not wanting to say goodbye to my grandma. I miss her so much.

Instead of giving a speech I will be a playing my flute at my grandma’s funeral. It’s something she loved even though I don’t play all that well. My uncle is giving the eulogy while my other uncle as well as my dad share some stories. Of course my grandpa will be sharing some things as well.

Thank you for reading. It’s much appreciated especially now. Peace Out, World!!!

Everyday Inspiration; Day 10: Let the Scene Write Itself

As I look out the west window of my living room, I notice that the sun is attempting to come out from behind the clouds. I quickly realize there is a bald eagle sitting in the tree outside my window looking in. I’m wondering to myself what he wants but realize that the eagle is paying attention to a squirrel on a lower branch of the tree.

I quickly turn my attention to my living room as the eagle went after the poor squirrel. I see my art supplies and a canvass or two waiting to be painted. I’m wondering if I should paint the eagle and squirrel in the tree. Wouldn’t be the best painting in the world but would be a reminder of what I saw today.

I continue to scan my living room and see music sheets on the floor. I really need to pick those up or practice the music on my flute. What music piece would I practice? I think I need to put playing my flute into my daily schedule.

I look at my couch and see the book I am reading. I really want to finish the book as soon as possible. Its not that difficult to take time out to read a few chapters a day. Oh how I love to read.

I look over to see what time it is on my Wonder Woman clock and it says 12:34pm. I’m thinking it’s time to eat some lunch. Thanks!!! Peace Out, World!!!

PTSD Can Phucking Go To Hell

Good Evening, World!!! My PTSD is acting up because of the assault that happened last night. I was able to talk to Gilbert earlier about what happened and we came up with a safety as a preventative measure. A preventative measure as just in case I get self harm urges at some point today.

One of the things we came up with was music. I can play my flute or harmonica if it’s before ten o’clock at night. I can also listen to music. As I mentioned before when words fail music speaks and I find this to be true.

Another thing I can do is art. Art has become a very helpful (and healthy) skill to have for me. Art is a way for me to express my emotions in a positive way.

The last thing we came up with was reading as it helps me get out of my head. Gilbert and I discussed reading my book as well as Wonder Woman comic books. We discussed superhero’s and how they relate to recovery.

Thank you for reading. It is appreciated. Peace Out, World!!