No Job Equals No Money

Good Evening, World!!! Actually it is almost past evening as it is just after eight in the evening Seattle time. I’m worried that if I don’t get a job soon that I won’t be able to pay my rent. I just don’t want to lose my subidized housing. I keep keeping interviews but no jobs. I hope that when you read my blog that you press on the advertisements on my blog. It gives me a couple cents here and there but once it hits at least $100 or more I get the money. So it would be greatly appreciatedi if you can pres on my advertisements.

I’m also creating some crafting and artsy stuff to sell to help pay the bills. I hope you can help me with at least clicking the advertisements to help me with money. I need to get at least one underdred dollars for the advertisements.

I am still looking for a job and it’s geting frustrating that I am a “good” candidate but never the one they choose which suck shit.

On that note music, volunteering and educating myself is helping me keep me busy.Leaning new things is always a good thing.

I beg of you pressing my advertizements to help me earn money.

Thanks for reading my blog.

Developing Your Eye; Day 2: Street

U-District Street Fair 2019 of two people with cat mask on. On playing the accordion and the other playing a viola (maybe it’s a violin).

Hello!!! This is a a local street fair in the University District neighborhood of Seattle. This picture was back in 2019 months before the pandemic of Covid-19 hit. Sadly, the U-District Street Fair was cancelled for 2020 and 2021. Thankfully it came back this year; 2022. I attended this year but forgot to take pictures so I decided to use this picture. I hope you find it as amusing as I do and yes I had the permission to post.

Head Full of Shit in the Middle of the Night

My head is full of shit right now and not sure how to deal with it when you cute ass cat named Billie wants to “help” blog with me. He is kindly walking on the keyboard to find a comfy spot on it to lay down and take a nap. I love my Billie so much and am beyond grateful that I am the receiver of his unconditional love. I love him to the moon and back.

My head is so full of shit the only thing I could think of was read comic books, paint and listen music. Specifically my recovery play list. In fact I start back to painting a piece of art that I thought was finished years ago but the universe had something else to say about it.

Add more yellow and green. Attempted to paint purple around the black hole as it is getting smaller and that is a great thing for my recovery.

I don’t have much more to say except that the shit is still in my head but it is a lot less after listening to music, reading comic books and paint. And of course Billie helped a great deal as well. I do want to thank you for reading my blog as if it wasn’t for you the reader, reading my blog I would not be writing it so thank you for reading it. I hope you have a great Thursday ahead of you as you all deserve to be happy. Peace Out, World!!!

Billie Got the Zoomies; Want to Play & Then Eat, so No Sleeping in For this Cat Owner

Good Morning, World. It is four forty nine in the morning here in Seattle. Billie, my cat decided to have the zoomies and after that want to play. I love my cat dearly but I would like to sleep in a little bit longer. Preferably eight in the morning but be okay with seven in the morning.

So my plans for the morning is feed the king of the house; my cat Billie Dean. After that, play with Billie. Right now his go to toys are balls especially the noisy ones. As much I wish I was asleep right now, I look at it two ways, Billie is getting me prepared to waking up early when I start work next week and that I have time to do some art work actually some coloring.

I’m pretty sure I will be listening to some music. Most likely my recovery play list. If I don’t listen to music then I will listen to podcast on philosophy. Specifically the podcast “Philosophize This.” I’m not sure why I like to listen to music or a podcast while coloring but maybe it helps me with the creative juices in my brain.

I do not have much more to say is in this particular blog post. I do want to thank you for reading my blog post. It is greatly appreciative from my end of thigs that you read my blog. If it wasn’t for you the reader, reading my blog I would not be writing my blog. So, thank you once again from the bottom of my heart for reading my blog. Peace Out, World.

Middle of the Night of No Sleep So Art Work & Music Type of Night

I’m not finished with coloring his Mandela but I worked on it a good hour.. I hope to update you with my progress with it. Coloring helps with my recovery as well as my mindfulness meditation

Sadly, I am not able to fall asleep again tonight so I decided to color. The above picture is what I colored just tonight as I listened to music. In fact I listened to my recovery play list. Coloring is a form of mindfulness meditation for me and the music helps me get into the groove. In fact there was a period of time my cat Billie Dean was trying to help me color which complicated things for a few minutes.

I don’t have much more to say in this particular blog post. I do want to thank you for reading my blog. It is greatly appreciated from my end of things that you read my blog. If it was not for you the reader, reading my blog, I would not be writing my blog. Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading my blog. Peace Out World!!!

Christmas in July

Hello, World!!! I know it’s July. In fact it is the fourth of July. It being the fourth of July isn’t stopping me from play Christmas music in July. Normally, I don’t play Christmas music in July but Christmas is my mom’s favorite holiday. In fact some people like my mom do Christmas in July. She even decorates Christmas decorations in July.

I recently found out that my mom has stage three lung cancer. They are even doing an MRI to see if it spread to the brain. My mom and I have may not have the best relationship but at least the last two to three years we been mending things up. I’m glad we are mending things up because realistically we do not when are time to go is going happen. As hopeful as I am that she is going to survive this I also have to be realistic about it and her not making it.

Something my mom does every year is celebrate Christmas in July and even gives my brother and I gifts on the fourth of July as well as July 25th since “the real Christmas” lands on December 25th. My mom even decorates her home with Christmas decorations. Even though I have some hope she will survive, I decided to decorate my place with Christmas decorations just in cast she doesn’t make it. I sent her a gift for the Fourth of July and of course send her one on the 25th of July. She is my mom and I want her to feel loved.

In all honesty I’m scared she may not make it especially if they find out if it spread to the brain. I am trying to hold out hope and hope that doing Christmas in July will give her the hope she needs. She has been in pretty good spirits but it is my hope that with me doing Christmas in July with my mom it will give her more hope for survival. We may have had not the best relationship but am thrilled we have been mending it over the last two or three years. So here is to a good Christmas in July.

Merry Christmas in July Mom. I love you to the moon and back.

Everyday Inspiration; Day 2 , Write A List

Things I am learning

  • I’m learning to play the harmonica. (I already know how to play music as I play the flute. I don’t play it very well but I hope it helps me learn to play learn to play the harmonica.)
  • I am learning to do crafts. Specifically, cross stich. I am starting with the kid stamped cross stitch first so I can start from the beginning like a child.
  • I am starting to eat heather as I want eat less just food
  • I am going to do two walks a day. One in the morning which I already do and do one in the evening which I don’t do yet. I will start the evening walk tonight.

Not Sure What Today Hold

Good Morning, World!!! I didn’t sleep at all last night. It I am not exactly why but it happens especially when one has insomnia. At least I got to spend it with Billie on my lap while I read a Star Wars book most of the night.

As for today, I am not exactly sure what today holds since I didn’t sleep last night especially since it is ten o’clock in the morning; Seattle time. I most likely will end up taking a nap at some point today. When I get no sleep, I become a cranky bucket.

Besides taking a nap I plan on reading a Star Wars book as well as Wonder Woman comic books. It appears that I am back on a reading kick once again. I think it’s partly because I don’t want to deal with the realities of what is going on in the world as well as the fact that I am getting laid of on June 3rd which is this Friday.

Another thing I plan on doing is art. Not sure what type of are and might intertwine genres of art. Of course while doing art I will be listening to music as I create it. Not exactly sure what genre of music but I think it will all depend on the genre of art I choose to do.

I do not have much more to ay in this particular post. I do want to thank you for reading my blog. If it was not for you the reader, reading my blog, I would not be writing my blog. Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading my blog. Peace Out, World!!!

Middle of the Night Munchies

Good Morning, World!!! It is two nineteen in the morning here is Seattle with my cat Billie laying next me. Honestly, I have the munchies and took too many of two my meds. I took too many to NOT die by suicided but lessen the pain I feel for my client who took their own life. I took the Xanax and Ambien numb myself and hopefully get sleep. Sadly, I can’t sleep and I have a big day ahead of me.

I got the munchies from the meds. I’m eating Ben and Jerry’s Half Baked ice cream as well as some cheese ball ship stuff and Cherry Pepsi. As I a eating I a listening to some music. In fact I feel high with the amount of med I took. No I am NOT suicidal, I jus need to numb myself.

After eating, I will continue to is to music with my cat, Billie by my side as well as do some art. Not sure what type of art but some form of it.

I don’t have a lot more to say expect I’m going to miss my client died by suicide. Thank you all for being there for me and I promise you I won’t do any harm to myself. Peace Out, World!!!!