Up Too Early on a Saturday & it’s Not the Cats Fault; but I’m Blaming it on the Neighbors

Good Morning and Happy Saturday World!!! It is almost six o’clock in the morning and two of my neighbors who live in two different apartments on my floor decided to be in a screaming match most of the night. So, I do took out my ear plugs and it was quiet up till about thirty minutes ago. This time physical violent accord so the all so lovely Seattle Police took their sweet old time. They (the cops) were notified about a weapon being involved but still took their time. Took them nearly forty five minutes to show up only because the Seattle Fire Department needed to make sure it was “safe to check on the victim for the safety of the fire fighters as we don’t need our first responders hurt as well. Well, I am not sure how you have woken up or will wake this morning but I hope it is better than mine.

I’m heading back to bed and I think my cat is ready to do the same. Have good Saturday world!!! Peace Out, World!!!


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