A Nice Day off of Work

Happy Friday, Night from Seattle. In fact there is only nine minutes left of Friday here in Seattle. I decided to take a PTO (Paid Time Off) day off and I am glad I did. It’s allowed me to take a metal health break from work especially with the board of of directors are wanting to close the agency and the county wanting to keep it open. See very little hope from the county but I a not holding my breath.

Today’s day off was for self care. I spent a lot of time with friend pets and animals which is a good thing because it helped with my mood and helped me hopeful for the day. Of coursed spending the day with my cat Billie Dean aka Billie the Kat. I love having time with pets and animals.

I also spent the day doing artwork while listening to music. I colored and painted as I listened to various genre’s of music. I primarily listened to old school eighties rock. The kind with the big hair. I think it helped a great deal doing art while listening to music.

I also spent time with a family member who helped me with my taxes. We will finish them tomorrow. So I feel like I had an overall good day.

After starting my taxes with my family member, I decided to read. I read most of a book that I started today an will finish the book tomorrow. Looking forward to finishing the book tomorrow.

I don’t have much more to say but thank you for reading my blog. I am grateful for you the reader reading my blog. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading my blog. Peace Out, World!!!