Looking Forward To Work This Afternoon

     Well, it is a beautiful Sunday morning and I have to work later on today. I’m not sure if I am wanting to go to work today because its so nice today. I will go to work because it gets me out of my own head. No matter had difficult or bad my shift may be I always have a sense of accomplishment at the end of my shift. The reason being is because I made it through another shift with out quitting because of the stress that comes with dealing with the public. Working at a grocery store is not always that easy but it something to do with my time. Even on my good days at work I feel a sense of accomplishment. Something I am looking forward is my lunch because I will be having left overs from dinner last night. Overall, I am looking forward going to work.

     I really enjoy being in mental health recovery. Being in recovery I am able to enjoy things a little more. I am able enjoy a good hard day at work no matter how difficult or easy it might be for the particular day. Being in recovery is more fun. I realize that people are more likely to want to be around me if I am choosing to be in recovery even on my difficult days.

     I best be going. I need to get ready for work. I hope you all enjoy your day. Have a good Sunday and peace out.