Day Fifteen: Create a New Posting Feature

It is day 15 of blogging 101 and that means that today is the last day. In all honesty, I am just a wee bit sad that today is the last day. I have met a great deal of bloggers in this course and have gained a lot of insight from them as well as blogging 101 through the assignments we were encouraged to do. I have started following sites that I would have not have been able to find if it weren’t for the blogging 101 course. I would like to dedicate this particular blog post to my fellow blogging 101 students as well as the three WordPress staff that helped all of us “students” in the “class.”

Now on to today’s assignment. Today’s assignment is to create a new blogging feature, such as a recurring event. I’ve decided that I will do an educational piece once a week on mental illness, The educational part of it could be on a particular diagnosis, or the best treatment therapies that best help a particular diagnosis or what is going on in the world of mental health such as various bills that the U.S government is on working to pass or not pass. I will also be looking into various bills that have been passed in regards to mental health in other states and looking at the ones that they are trying to make into law. Some of what I want to do in the means of education, will take some research and am more than willing to do so. I haven’t chosen a particular day that will do the education part yet but will let you all know as soon as I pick a day. Yes, it will be on the same day every week.

I am grateful that todays assignment was creating a new feature because it helps me with refocusing back to what I desire this blog to be, both educational and inspirational. Now that I am done with todays assignment and blogging 101, I want to say thank you all for putting up with me posting about my assignments. It has meant a great deal that all of you have stuck with me especially those who have been following and/or reading me for a while. Lastly, thank you to all my “classmates” and WordPress staff for a great learning experience. Happy Friday!!!!!! Enjoy your weekend and Peace Out!!

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