Home Sick in Bed w/my Cat, Billie By My Side

Good Morning and Happy Friday, World!!! Sadly, I am not feeling well and need to call out sick. I text the two supervisors I have numbers to as well as the program coordinator. I then emailed the program coordinator and the two supervisors had numbers as well as the one I did not have a number to. I also called my direct supervisor and left her voicemail. I just to make sure I get my ass covered. I feel really bad for doing this to the team that I enjoy working on and has been quite supportive of me since day one. I have some awesome colleagues on the PACT. I love working with my team and they are all awesome.

The only think I can see me doing today by being productive is through art is coloring. I plan on doing some but not sure when it will look like once finished. I plan sleeping as well. In facet I am going to back to back to sleep

I hope everyone has a good weekend a head. Peace out, World!!!

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