Weekly Check In

Hello, World!!! This past week has been an up and down week. It has been up and down due to the fact Valentines Day marked five years since my grandma passed away. I miss my grandma greatly. My grandma alongside my grandpa helped my dad raise me. I am grateful that my grandma guided me through life.

Work is going well. I had new employee training this past week and was bored but at least I met some other colleagues besides the ones that I directly work with on the team I am on. I really enjoy my new job and look forward to going to work everyday. In fact, my work schedule changed. I, will be working Sunday through Thursday. Most Sundays I will be working from home doing notes. Tomorrow, I will be going into the office to do some training on the computer and possibly going to one of the housing projects to check-in with a couple of clients.

On that note, I am grateful that I have my cat, Billie Dean who is helping during my down moments. I love Billie to the moon and back. I am happy he chose me three years ago and that I was able to adopt him.

Well, that is my weekly check-in. Peace Out World!!!