Sleepless in Seattle & Cat Tarot Card

Good very early in the morning, World!!! it is 2;07 in the blasted in freaking in the morning here is Seattle. So, I am trying to get back into the tarot card thing again. One is about cats and a journal that isn’t associated with the Tarot deck but will go well together. I also have another Tarot deck that appear to be for advanced. I did order to advanced journals for this particular deck which is called, “Radiant Wise Spirit” which I have two tarot journals for. I am going to hope this will help with my recovery process. On a side not have some basic tarot journals so when I get a hang of it i have it I have extra.

In fact I am going to order more tarot card and journal that possibly go with the set. I just want the tarot stuff to help with my recovery and will be a great way to start and end the day with. I will like to get some guidebooks regarding tarot cards. Anything to help my recovery and my future.

Who knew a sleepless night in Seattle will help continuing with my recovery process. I will also look into some self help workbook. Now on to do shopping on Amazon. I hope to get some sort of sleep. Goodnight and Peace Out, World!!!


Reading About What the Math Book is Going to Teach Me

Good Morning, World!!!! This is going to be brief blog post read few pages in math book on what I am going learn in i. I’m going to to learn basic math as well at basic pre-algebra so I can be able to basic mathematics at work even though I don’t think I will need to know pre algebra.

Told you all it was going to be a brief post. I don’t have much to say except thank you for reading my blog,. It it greatly appreciative from my end to things that you read my blog. If it was not for you the reader, reading my blog I would no be writing my blog. Sol thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading my blog. Peace Out, World!!!