Brief Naps In Between Awakenings Due to Various Reasons

Good Morning, World!!! I am having trouble sleeping for a variety of reasons. The two main reasons are due to Migraines and PTSD on top of having insomnia. All three suck equally as much, I just wish it wasn’t happening at the same time because I really want to be able to go to work tomorrow. At least I don’t have to be at work till 12:00 noon. I really love my job but I have missed a lot of it due to being sick or due to disability reasons. I just don’t want to miss another day of work especially since I am not past my sixth month probationary period even though I do most of my work on time especially my notes.

Since I have been having trouble sleeping due to PTSD, Insomnia and migraines, I have been cuddling with my cat, Billie as well as doing some art work. I have been doing some coloring which is a pretty semi easy part as it has some challenging aspects to it. As far as the Diamond art goes it appears to be simple but is more challenging than expected especially when you are just learning how to do it. I am enjoying the Diamond art despite being challenging at first.

Of course the art is helping with me being able to go back to sleep despite how short the sleep can be. Any amount of sleep is very appreciative on my end. Billie, my cat is quite helpful with my sleep.I think I am going to attempt to go back to sleep. I hope everyone has a good Monday ahead of you and enjoy your three day weekend.

Before ending this post if my insomnia, migraines and PTSD continue, I am going to ask if I can work a partial day from home and hope to use flex time for the rest of the day. Worst case scenario I call in sick which is most likely unlikely. But it is better to ask than not to ask because if I ask, I am more likely to get the answer I like than if I don’t ask. Well I do not have much more to say so thank you for reading my blog. It is greatly appreciated that you do read my blog. Peace Out, World!!!


Middle of the Night Ramblings

Good Morning, World! I am tired as hell. Partly because I took an extremely long nap yesterday afternoon and I know better to not make my naps so long. So that is why I think that I am not sleeping well tonight. I am also dealing with a lot of pain due to a migraine. A migraine that I hope goes away before I go to work tomorrow. I at least don’t have to start until 12 noon Seattle time.

Since I am having a challenging time sleeping due to the pain of migraines, I have other ways to help. I usually start with reading but at times I have to cut it short because it can cause more migraine pain. the book I am currently reading is called “The Sorority Murder by Allison Brennan. I am only a quarter into reading the book and so far it is a pretty great book. If the book doesn’t help with the migraine nor the sleep, then I will work on an adult dot to dot book regarding only pets. I am ready to finish the first dot to dot picture. It takes a while to do especially when you are awake and not as sleepy as I am that includes a painful nightmare. If the dot to dot doesn’t appear to help I then will do some diamond art which isn’t always the best for a migraine but it is always worth try to see if helps with the migraine to go away and at least decrease the pain.

Doing all this appears to be a bit childish but I’m okay with this as I just want to sleep and hope I can get some sleep. Now it is time to attempt to sleep and cuddle with my kitty cat, Billie. Good night world and PEACE OUT WORLD!!!!

Home Sick After a Four Day Weekend

Good Morning, World! Sadly, I am not going to work today due to the fact that I am sick. I am sick with flu-like symptoms. Mainly, I am just puking my brains out which is a slang phrase of vomiting. As much as I would rather be working today, I am glad I didn’t see my mom over Mother’s Day weekend as she has Covid which is not good for her since she has stage three lung cancer. Missing work today and not seeing my mom over the weekend is a good thing as I don’t want to get anyone sick or expose anyone to Covid.

On top of being sick, I had a severe case of insomnia. Having insomnia on top of being sick is never a good thing. I really dislike being sick as well as having insomnia but both at the same time sucks shit. I am hoping to get some sleep and start feeling better soon.

Since I am home sick, I plan on reading. The book I just started reading is “Don’t Open The Door” by Allison Brennan. I am just starting the second chapter but so far it is captivating. I really hope that it continues to keep my eye on continuing to read the book.

Another thing I hope to do is do some art work. I plan on coloring at least one if not two of my big coloring pictures. I also plan on doing some diamond art painting. Diamond art painting is a bit tedious but well worth the accomplished feeling when finished even though I just started doing the Diamond Art Painting over the weekend.

I, of course will be hanging out with my cat, Billie while I read. Of course I will be hanging out with my cat Billie as I do art while listening to some music. Billie my cat is such a cuddle bug however he is much more of a cuddle bug when I am reading or doing art work. He is definitely more of a snuggle bug when music is on.

On to a slightly different topic but very similar to topics I wrote in the above paragraphs. As I mentioned Billie is very much a lovey dovey cuddle bug. I know this sounds weird but I read to Billie for a multitude of reasons. One reason is I have dyslexia and reading out loud to my cat Billie helps with my self confidence. The second reason I read out loud to Billie is because I have a couple of speech impediments, one of which is that I stutter and the other is that when I say anything with an r it sounds like a w. So, many of my speech therapists throughout the years including my current speech therapist have suggest to read out loud especially to animals and if I didn’t have an animal to read to a stuffed animal.

I do not have much more to say in this particular blog. I do want to thank you for reading my blog. If it wasn’t for you the reader, reading my blog, I would not be continuing to write my blog. Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading my blog. Peace Out, World!!!

Another piece of a poster being colored

This piece has taken about three months to work on and is easier than some other posters. I am going to be giving this poster to my mom as she likes this type of stuff. I love my mom so much. I tend to do my best art work during sleepless nights.

A Middle of the Night New Challenge to Coloring This

Good Morning, World!!! Or maybe I could say, Happy Middle of the Night to those of us who are currently able to sleep. Many times coloring helps me with both my anxiety and my insomnia. I am not sure if I am going to work on more tonight or not as I am hoping my anxiety meds and sleeping meds will kick in and help tonight. I just hope I get enough sleep to get into work tomorrow. I really love my job and don’t want to miss too much of being out. But I least coloring helps me grounding and a form or coping skills from. I hope everyone has a great time doing will help to keep your self from burnout.

Thank you for following my blog and hope that I can continue with his a comple of coloring picture come along.

Out of Work Today Due to Anxiety Acting Up

Good Morning, World!!! Right now, I should be arriving at work especially since I need to be attending a new employee orientation where all new employees are required to take. Sadly, due to a mishap with my bank once again, I am having major panic attacks over it to where I needed to take my anxiety meds which is a controlled substance. My work frowns upon needing to take those types of meds when you are working as you need to be on full alert. I did let my supervisors know that I would not be in today. I just worry I will get fired because I’ve already missed three days counting today and I’ve only been with my new employee for just over a month now. I’m sure I have nothing to worry about at this moment in time with work or they would have informed me by now or I would hope they would have.

The thing I am most worried about is the money situation I am having with my bank. I thought it was taken care of and it was at one point in time. Now it is screwed up again. I did call the bank to see if I could get it fixed. They said it is now taken care of but I will still go to the bank I regularly go to, to make sure it is taken care of. Even though the nice banking people on the phone were helpful, I just want to make sure it is fully taken care of when I go into the bank. Messing with people’s money is no joke and I know my bank with help with the money situation as communication styles were challenging specifically on my end.

Of course the lack of sleep last night did not help much with my anxiety around my money in my bank account this morning. It was quite a shocker when the same banking issue arises again as you barely wake up from a not so good night of sleep. Having insomnia sucks and waking up to money issues that were supposed to be taken care of already suck.

Good thing I have my cat, Billie Dean by my side to help with my anxiety especially when I go to the bank. No Billie will not go to the bank with me. He will help me with decreasing my anxiety before I go to the bank. Hopefully, this will help with everything.

I do not have much more to discuss in this particular blog post. I do want to thank you for reading my blog. It is greatly appreciated from my end of things that you the reader, read my blog. If it was not for you the reader, reading my blog I would not be writing my blog. Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading my blog. Peace Out, World!!!

Sleepless in Seattle Once Again

Good Morning, World!!! I am having a challenging time being able to sleep and it sucks shit. My grandma did five years ago and Valentines Day. Even though I never liked Valentines Day before my grandma passing away, her death just made me hate it even more. I just want one more hug from my grandpa however my cat Billie Dean gives me great hugs.

On to the hugs from my cat, Billie, he is helping with some art work. He is choosing what coloring book to color from and then the picture. So, I am hoping the picture I color that Billie chose comes out well.

On to a similar topic I ordered some crafty stuff. I ordered latch hook and cross stitching stuff to help ease my mind and do something with my hands. I figured I can learn new things like latch hook and cross stitching.

Something else I am learning is tarot cards. I am reading two books about tarot cards as well as the little bookletts in tarot boxes. I know I must sound nuts about learning tarot but if it can help with my recovery then I am all for it.

I do not have much more to say in this particular blog post. I do want to thank you for reading my blog post. I greatly appreciated it. I hope every has better sleep than I did. Peace Out, World!!!

Weekly Check-In

Good Evening, World!!! It is that time to do my weekly check-in. This is something I enjoy doing for many reasons. Overall, this past week has been great despite the lack of sleep I have had due to insomnia. Insomnia sucks hard core.

Even though, I have had trouble sleeping a good portion of the week, work went quite well. I received some awesome feedback from my supervisor on how to deal with some challenging clients. Granted it was hard to take feedback but awesome. My supervisor is awesome. I also received great feedback from my supervisor during our team meeting which was hard to take in as I am use to taking praise especially in front of other people.

My twice daily mindfulness meditation practices are going quite well. Actually, I do three a day five days a week when I work as I do one mid-day to help myself refocus and to lessen stress especially if it has been an unusually stressful day at work. The extra mindfulness meditation practice during my work day actually focuses on work related stress. So, basically I do two mindfulness meditation practices twice a week and three mindfulness meditation practices five times a week. Sometimes I do more if I feel like I need to.

My cat, Billie Dean of course has been a love bug and quite awesome. Billie helped me quite a bit with my anxiety attacks regarding unexpected anxiety provoking events. Events that were eventually dealt with.

That is my weekly check-in for the week. Thank you for reading. Peace Out, World!!!

Sleepless in Seattle Type of Night

Good Morning, World!!! It just after two in the morning Seattle time and I am unable to sleep. I have been awake since two thirtyish yesterday morning. As much as I dislike not being able to sleep, I am making the best of the situation.

I am making the best of it by reading. I am reading a book about Tarot Cards. In fact the book, I am reading is Tarot Cards by Lisa Chamberlain. I am reading it because I am interested in it and am hoping it will help me with some parts of my recovery with the mental health challenges I struggle with from time to time. I know it is not the usual way to help with recovery but recovery is non-linear and not a one size fits all.

One size may not fit all for recovery of any kind which is why, I am all for different ways to work on my recovery. Another way I work on my recovery is my cat, Billie. Billie helps a great deal with various symptoms the mental health challenges I struggle. He definitely helps me with anxiety and PTSD symptoms. I think I will cuddle up with Billie and read.

I do not have much more to say in this particular blog post. I do want to thank you for reading my blog. It is greatly appreciated from my end of the things that you the reader, read my blog. If it was not for you the reader, reading my blog, I would not be writing my blog. Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading my blog. Peace Out, World!!!

Sleepless in Seattle Sucks Sh*t

Good Morning, World!!! It is just after two in the morning, Seattle time and I cannot sleep worth shit. My insomnia is kicking in big time at the moment and it sucks shit. I have to get up in two hours and fifty-three minutes for work.

Since, I cannot sleep and have to be up in less than three hours for work I have decided to not turn on my happy light for depression or my lights in my apartment in hopes to keep my brain as much at rest as possible. Since I am wanting my apartment dark right now, I decided to do a handful of mindfulness meditations on the Calm App and it helped me. Now, as I am writing this blog post, I am listening to a podcast about philosophy. Specifically, I am listening to the podcast; Philosophize This I highly recommend. In fact, the podcaster who does this podcast, Stephen West, lives in the Seattle area which is extremely cool.

As I listen to Philosophize This, I have been cuddling with my cat, Billie. Billie is happy that I am awake to pay attention to him. I am beyond grateful to have Billie by my side and for his unconditional love.

Well, I do not have much more to say in the podcast. I do want to thank you for reading my blog. Peace Out, World!!!