Happy Monday & Good Monday

Happy Monday & Good Morning, World!!! I know it is not Mother’s Day but sadly I was unable to see my mom yesterday due to the fact my mom has Covid. We were both disappointed by both of us especially since my mom has staged three lung cancer. On the plus side I think we did face timed on the phone. It was nice to see my mom via time even though I couldn’t hang out with her in person.

While doing face time with my mom, mom was able to see my kitty cat, Billie. Billie appeared to enjoy my mom by talking to her. My mom would love to meet my cat in person. I am so glad that my mom loves my cat, Billie.

Honestly, I am a little depressed because I was unable to see my mom for morthers day due to my mom having stage thee lung cancer and covid. I just wish my mom didn’t have cancer or covid. I love my mom so much and don’t want her to die.

At least I know that my mom and love each other. I am hoping that one day my mom can come to my hope tot meet my cate. I am sure she will love my cat, Billie.

i think I am going to end this blog for now. I do want to thank for reading my blog. If it wasn’t for you reading my blog. Peace Out, world