Awe, Another Year at the U-District Street Fair


U-District Street Fair Sign. 50 Year Anniversary of the U-District Street Fair

Just like every years since 2001, I attended the University District Street Fair located on “The Ave” in the University District neighborhood in Seattle. I love attending the U-District Street Fair for many reasons. One of which is that it has helped a great deal with my depression with me getting out of the apartment and has become a tradition for me because of that.


Curly Fries. You can watch them make the curly fries from a homemade tool and potato’s they grow on their farm.

The second reason I go to the U-District Street Fair is for the food. Got to love the food. The one food I look forward to every year is the curly fries. This year I had a tough time finding them as the curly fry people weren’t in the same general area as they typically are in. I am grateful that they are still at the U-District Street Fair. Got to love the food.


Just a couple of the characters you see doing street performances at the U-District. In this case it is two people play music with cat mask on.

The third reason I go is for the music as well as the street performances. I love the fact that you are able to see the true character of the U-District with both the street performers and the music they play.

The fourth reason I go is for the art. Sadly, many of the artist don’t like having pictures taken of their art or I would have done so. The only way is to buy the artwork and in most cases I am unable to afford it.

I have many more reasons why I go to the U-District Street Fair but if I mention them all, this would be the never ending post. I want to thank you for reading my blog. It is greatly appreciated from my end of thing. If you live in the Seattle area, I hope you get the opportunity to attend the U-District Street Fair. Peace Out, World!!!

Photography 1: Day 2; Street

Good Afternoon World!!! Today is the second day of Photography; Developing Your Eye; Day Two. Today’s topic is street. Piggy backing on yesterdays theme of home and how I shared pictures of my neighborhood I’m going to discuss the “main” street of the neighborhood I live in.

IMG_0249University Way NE fondly known as the “Ave.” The story behind on why its call the “Ave” is because at one point in time the street was called 14th Ave NE and the business’s in the area wanted to bring more business to the area so it started calling it the “Ave.” The city decided to change the name of the street to University Way NE due to the reason that the University of Washington is in this neighborhood yet the “Ave.” stuck.

IMG_0252LookingĀ South on the “Ave.”


Looking North on the “Ave.”

So as I hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little more with both todays and yesterday’s post as I showed you around my neighborhood. I hope everyone has a good afternoon and good work week. Peace Out, World